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Kaia POV

Louis Tomlinson.

Why does that sound so familiar?

I mean, obviously I went to high school with him, but I feel like I had more of a connection with him than classmates.

It's been driving me crazy all day that I couldn't remember how else I knew Louis.

I decided to ransack some old trunks to see if I could find a memory book from high school.

Searching through my trunks was quite a hassle. There was piles and piles of things before I could get to the memory books at the bottom, and I'm pretty much a neat freak so I can't stand when my room is disorganized.

I can see a bit of red from under neath something. I haul it out from the trunk and begin flipping through the pages.

I get to the page of musicals and see the page for my senior year show, Grease. On the page, I see a familiar face, long, brown, swept over hair, blue eyes.

I remember this guy! That's the guy who I had a crush on in high school! What was his name, again?

I take a break from my hunt for Louis to take a look at this guy. My eyes scan the page for a clue of what his name is.

Then in bold letters, I can see

Danny Zuko: Louis Tomlinson

My eyes widen.

I had a crush on Louis Tomlinson in high school?

He's super famous now. I liked him!

I grab my phone and quickly dial Lia's number.

"Hello?" I hear from the other end.

"Lia!" I nearly yell in her ear. "I had a crush on that Louis guy from high school!"

"You're just saying that because he's, like, super famous now" Lia says. I can imagine her folding her arms, cocking her eyebrow.

"No I'm serious!" I say.

"Kai, you never had crushes on high school" she points out.

"I remember having a huge crush on this one guy and I could never remember his name!" I admit. "I was just looking at the memory book and remembered his face. And then I saw that it was the Louis guy you mentioned yesterday!"

"So you genuinely had a crush on him?" She asks, unsure.


"I'm coming back to the dorm right now."

And then the line went dead.


"He looks so different now" Lia says, looking at my memory book.

"What does he look like now?" I ask.

Lia opens her laptop and types in his name to the search bar.

She then flips around around her computer so I can see the screen.

"Woah" I remark. "He has changed."

"I know!" Lia says. "He's still hot though."

I blush. "You thought he was hot?" I ask.

"Sorta" she replies. "Can I have your phone?"

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