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I was barely awake when the driver dropped us off at the airport.

It was around 5 in the morning and I was so tired. I had woken up at 3 A.M to make sure I had everything.

I had gone to the bank to exchange some pounds into american dollars. It's brilliant, the exchange rate for money between Britain and America. 100 pounds gets me 130 American dollars! Fantastic! I'm only going for a week so I didn't think I'd need too much money, however I'd like to go shopping in the American shops.

I'd also packed some summer clothes and some bathing suits. I mean, it's summer and I'm going to California. I think Louis said it was around 25°C everyday. That's usual summer weather. So I figured I should be prepared for some warm days. Along with that I've packed a variety of shoes. Sandals, sneakers, heels... I want to be prepared for anything we might do.

In my carry on I've packed a book, head phones, a charger for my phone if it dies on the 11 hour flight, my purse, a neck pillow, chewing gum and random stuff to keep me entertained on the flight. Although I'll probably fall asleep after a few hours in the sky. I can't imagine myself being awake the whole time.

My phone buzzes in my pocket and I reach to grab it.

A text from Lia is waiting for me on the screen.

Have fun in Cali! I'll miss you loads! XX

I smile to myself as I read it.

Last night I had said goodbye to Lia because I didn't expect her to wake up so early just to see me off.

But she did.

She refused to go back to bed. She wanted to spend as much time with me before I left as she could.

When the time came to go (AKA when Louis came to pick me up), I could barely leave.


"Hey Kai," Louis says, walking into my apartment. "You ready?"

"Yeah," I reply, glancing over at my suitcases. "Yeah, I'm ready."

I turn back to Lia for one final goodbye, who already had tears in her eyes.

"Hey don't be sad," I say, even though I felt the tears building up as well. "I won't be gone too long. I'll be back before you know it. I'll send you lots of pictures, yeah?"

"Yeah," she sniffs, pulling me into a hug. "I'm just gonna miss you so much. I don't think we've been so far apart before."

"I'm gonna miss you too," I say quietly, letting a tear roll down the side of my cheek. "I promise you it won't be too bad. I'll bring you back a souvenir?"

"Okay," she says, letting out a small laugh.

She pulled away from me and I could see her puffy red face. Had she really cried that much so quick? She must be a silent cryer because I didn't hear her.

"Stop crying, Kai," she laughs at me, still teary eyed. "Your makeup is gonna run and then you're gonna look crazy."

"Thanks for putting it nicely," I say sarcastically. I run my finger underneath my eyelids to make sure no mascara has made it's way onto my cheek.

"You're good," Lia reassures me. "I'll let you go now."

She embraces me one last time before walking Louis and I out the apartment door.

"Have fun," she smiles sadly.

"We will," I reply. "Like I said, lots of pictures."

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