- XVI -

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Louis POV

Some days later, Kaia was feeling much better.

She had gone home after one day in my house. School and stuff.

She had texted me saying that her head was feeling better and she thanked me for helping her out.

She's so sweet. Not many of the girls I know are as nice as her.

When the weekend finally arrived, I had no idea what to do with my life.

Lately, since we've stopped touring, I've found myself really bored.

I wish Kaia didn't have school. I wouldn't be bored all the time if she was here.

Suddenly, an idea came to me.

I grabbed my phone and rapidly texted Kaia.

Me: Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight.

I sent the text and waited patiently for her reply.

Which didn't take very long.

Kaia: What have you got in mind, Tomlinson?

I smirk as I type my reply.

Me: You'll see.

Me: Dress nice, though.

Kaia: I'm suspicious...

Me: Trust me, okay?

Kaia: Fine... What time are you picking me up?

Me: I'll be there around 9:30, that good?

Kaia: I'll be waiting :D

I close my phone and start towards the stairs to tell the boys.


"Wait," Niall says, after I explain my idea. "You're taking her clubbing?"

"Well, not exactly..." I reply, trailing my sentence off in uncertainty. "Sorta... Yeah..."

"Louis..." Liam starts. "Has she ever been clubbing before?"

"I don't know," I reply. "But we're all looking for something to do, and so is she."

"I think it's a great idea," Harry's voice pipes up. "If Lia can come."

We all turn our heads to Harry.

"Harry," Niall begins, looking at Harry with a serious look on his face. "I think you have a problem."

"What do you mean?" Harry asks, scrunching his eyebrows.

"The world doesn't revolve around Lia!" Liam exclaims.

"I'm not obsessed with her!" Harry protests.

I lift an eyebrow

"I'm not!"

"Yeah, whatever," I shake my head. "I'll ask Kaia to bring along Lia... Under one condition."

"What's that?" Harry asks.

"If she gets drunk," I look at him. "No... Fooling around... Okay?"

"I wasn't going to," Harry assures me.

"Yeah well," I say. "tell that to drunk Harry."

"Drunk Harry won't fool around either!"

"I'm trusting you, Haz."

"I'm a trustworthy person!"

"Ok," I say. "So... All in favour of bringing Kaia and Lia clubbing?"

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