- XIX -

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"Kaia, he's texted you again," I call out to my friend.

"I don't care," her muffled voice says from her room.

"That's twenty-seven," I say. "Twenty-seven texts, Kaia. I think he wants to talk to you."

I could have made a joke about the twenty-seven texts (because you know, 'he's got twenty-seven tattoos' from the song I Would) but I don't think Kaia would appreciate a One Direction joke at the moment.

"Yeah, well, he could've talked to me before he kissed another girl," Kaia replies.

"Kaia, are you still bummed out by that?" I ask. "It's been two days. You should be moved on now."

"My heart was shattered, Li," she says. "Yeah, I'm still upset."

I open my mouth to say something back but a ding interrupts me.



Harry POV

"Louis?" I ask, knocking on his door.

"Go away," he says is a quiet, yet harsh tone.

"Louis, come on, man, it's been two days," Niall exclaims.

Niall, Liam and I have been trying to get Louis out of there since Kaia ran away.

He only opens the door for food or the toilet.

"She won't talk to me," his voice says in the same sharp-quiet tone. "I've called her, texted her, called Lia... I've tried everything I can think of. She will not talk to me. But who can blame her? I really screwed up, guys."

"It's not your fault, Lou," Liam tries to convince him.

"It is."

"Louis..." I trail off, thinking of what to say. "Want me to call Lia, and talk to her? Ask her about Kaia?"

"I've already called Lia, Harry. I told you that," Louis says. I can imagine him rolling his eyes at me behind the wooden door.

"Yeah, he just wants a reason to call Lia," Niall jokes.

"Shut up," I snap, hitting Niall in the arm.

"Hey, I can't lie," he says, holding his hands up in surrender.

I send him a glare before turning my gaze back to Louis' door.

"Okay, seriously, Lou," I begin. "Unlock the door please?"

"I'm good, thanks," he replies, sarcastically.

I sigh, turning back to the boys.

"We'll try again later."


"Hello?" Lia's beautiful voice answers through the phone.

"Lia, it's Harry," I say.

"I know, I have caller ID," she replies.

Heat rising into my cheeks, I mentally scold myself for being stupid.

"But, what's up?" She asks.

"I want to talk about Kaia," I say.

"What about her?"

"Louis has been in his room for the past two days. He's really depressed about Kaia. He tries to talk to her, but she won't listen."

"I know. I'm trying to get her to answer her phone, but she won't. She's really upset. I think she really loved Louis, and seeing those pictures of him kissing Danielle... It... She's upset."

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