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Oh my dear lord.

Does he really have a gun in his hand? A freaking gun.

Pointing at me.


I'm pretty sure Lia is about to fall over. I am too, to be honest.

And why does this guy have such a big problem with me? Lia told me he was so sweet while they were dating.


I should talk to him. Try to calm him down a bit.

I take a deep breath and start to say, "Jere—"

"Shut up," he says quickly, interrupting me.

"Jeremiah," I say again. "Put the gun dow—"

"Shut up," he says, more sternly.

"Jeremiah," I say, one last time. "I said to put the gun down."

"And I said," he starts. "To shut the hell up!"

Lia and I tried to back away from him, but with every step we took, he mimicked.

Soon he was closer to us than he was before.

I was starting to get genuinely afraid for my life. Not that I wasn't already, but I'm now extremely worried.

"Jeremiah," Lia pleads. "Please. What do you want?"

"I want you back," he says, not taking an eye off of me. "This bitch stole you from me."

"No," she says. "It wasn't him. It was me. I chose him over you. It was all me. Be mad at me."

Jeremiah was quiet for a bit. I could tell he was thinking. It was so quiet. Not one other person was in the cinema lobby now. Everyone had fled in fear. And I don't blame them. I wish I could take off right now.

Jeremiah's face changes and his thinking stops.

And he points the gun at Lia's head.


Lia's eyes widen so quickly, she could've been a cartoon character. Her jaw drops open. She backs up even more.

"You're right," Jeremiah says. "I should be mad at you. You're an ungrateful BITCH!" he screams.

He put his finger over the trigger. Is he actually gonna shoot her? Oh my god.

I stood in front of her. Protecting her from whatever was coming.

"Harry," she muttered. "You don't have to—"

"I'm not letting this happen," I interrupt her.

I look at her intently. I lift her chin and plant a kiss on her lips.

I'm probably about to get shot. I want to give her one last kiss.

But it was completely ruined when Jeremiah screamed, "GET AWAY FROM HER. OR I'LL SHOOT YOU BOTH!"

I stood my ground in front of Lia. No way was he making me move.

Then, suddenly, we heard from a cross the room, "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" followed by loud footsteps running towards us.

I looked behind Jeremiah and saw two police guards charging for him. One tried to pry the gun from his hands while the other was focused on taking him to the ground. One the gun was out of his hands, the cop pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

Jeremiah struggled so much that he punched the cop who was taking him down, right in the face.

The other one managed to get the handcuffs on his hands and they stood him up.

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