Chapter 27 ♚ Me

"I can hear wails of agony inside," I mumbled, but the absurdity of my words makes me have second thoughts.

Axel looks at me with his forehead creasing.

Can he not hear it?

'Or maybe it's just the wind echoing from inside this cave,' I said internally trying to convince myself, but the cries of anguish and suffering is still lingering in the air. It's faint, but nonetheless, loud enough for me to hear it. 'No! It's just a wind...Yeah, that's it,'

'If it's just a wind, why does it sound like that?' My subconscious debated. Even though a part of me thinks that entering this cave was a bad idea, I choose to ignore the warnings that my gut instinct is telling me.

"I- never mind," I told Axel before letting go of his shirt.

My eyes suddenly wander on his shoulder and saw some blood stains with a mix of dirt on it on his shirt. It was ripped open because of the gunshot, but it surprise me that I can't see any open wound. Before he could even stop me from what I'm about to do, my hands are already on his shoulder and ripping his sleeve off.


"Where is your wound?" I suddenly blurted out.

Are my eyes deceiving me? There's not a single scratch on his shoulder, but I clearly saw it earlier that it's bleeding.

"I-" he started, but before he could even tell me anything, we suddenly heard a loud scream coming from inside the cave.

I recognized that voice. "Was that Benny?" I said with worry.

Axel nodded his head. "Let's go," He said, but before I can even react, he's already walking inside.

"Wait! Was it safe for us to enter?" I said, but he ignore it and continued walking.

I hesitated whether I should or should not follow him inside. It gives me the creeps just by looking at the cave and it didn't help the fact that only I can hear the screams. Not to mention, Benny's scream from the inside.

Suddenly, I heard something move in the bushes not far from where I am standing.

"Oh, my gosh. Axel wait!" I screeched and starts following him, but the moment my feet landed inside, my surroundings completely changes.

Like magic, it seems like I got transported to somewhere else because there's no way that I'm inside a cave. From the dark and spooky cavern earlier, I'm currently in the middle of a ballroom where people are dancing. The screams earlier were replaced by a classical music played by the orchestra.

Where am I?

My eyes travel in the ceiling and saw the familiar glittering chandelier hanging at the top.

'I've been in this place before.' I told myself. It's the same ballroom from my dream weeks ago. A sudden chill run down on my spine when I remembered the events occurred.

"Your highness," I heard somebody says. I immediately turn around to look for the owner of the voice and saw a small group of people.

Relief washed all over me. I thought she's addressing me, but when I caught a glimpse of the person she's talking to, I froze. Those green orbs and golden brown hair won't go unnoticed on my radar. Her regal stature as she stands in front of other people still goes unwavering, and the intimidating aura she emits that can make other people feel inferior about themselves looms around her.

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