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Chapter 30- Truth

"It's been a while since somebody address me by my title. Brings back memories," He stated before taking a pause. It looks like he's reminiscing the old days, "But I preferred being called Corvus. It gives an eerie vibe that I love the most," He added.

Just the mere thought that this man never change is creeping me out. I admit that before he disappeared, he's an obedient son that our father adores. Little did they know, I was able to uncover his true colors.

"I can see that," Axel stated as his eyes roam around the area. "I must say that your accomdation truly reflects your nature." He said comparing Corvus to the dark and cold dungeon.

"Well, enough about that," He said dismissing Axel. He made it look like that he doesn't care what Axel stated but I know better.

"Corvus," I manage to say.

Corvus shift his gaze towards me. Even with the dim lighting of this place, I can feel that his lips are curled in a sly smile. "What is it my dear sister?" He replied. My forhead creased on the way he address me.

Since when did we become familiar with each other?

From the very beginning, we didn't have that brother and sister bond aside from having the same parents. Inside the palace, he disregard me like a parasite and avoided to make contact with me unless he wants something or spat insults just to make my day miserable. Beneath his gentleman front to others lies a cruel man who doesn't even know the meaning of kindness.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. Curious as to why he's here. When he left the palace 5 years ago, I never saw nor hear any news about him. My father told us that he ran away and dismiss the idea of letting out a search party just to find his prodigal son, but I know he's lying. Corvus is his first born male and the only heir to the throne. I don't think the king will let his only son leave just like that.

"I should be asking you the same question. What are you doing outside the walls of the palace?" He asked. "Aren't you suppose to be engaged?"

His question caught me off guard.

"Engaged?" I asked. Confusion is written all over my face. Since when did I got myself a fiance? I never even had a boyfriend.

"Oh! You didn't know?" He said feighing the surprise facial expression he's showing. "I always believed that you ran away because you knew." He added dissappointedly.

Lots of questions starts flooding my mind. What does he mean by that?

"What are you talking about?" I asked, squinting my eyebrows. "If ever that information is real, how come you knew that?" I added.

Corvus flashed a knowing smile.

"Of course! I know everything that is happening inside and outside the palace." He stated.


"Didn't you run away? You've been missing for more than 5 years!"

"Oh. That's what the old man told you?" He asked disrespecting our father. "Tsk. Tsk. That old man is a very good liar, huh?"


"Really? Oh come on little sister. I thought you're smarter than that." He said disappointedly.

"What do you want from us?" I suddenly heard Axel asked in a firm tone making the turmoil inside my head temporarily vanished. It made my head wandered to a particular question. 'Why are we here?' I'm not that oblivious to the fact that Axel and I were both held captive by this man. I can gather that much information the moment he appeared and greeted us with his overly warm welcome.

"Now that you mentioned it, I remembered what I need to do," He said before taking another step forward. "Little sister, I need you to do me a favor," He said with a sly smile before extending his right hand. "Come with me."

I froze.

What does he want from me?

Axel probably noticed my discomfort. He squeeze my hand lightly. The simple gesture gives me a sense of security. It's as if he's telling me that 'Don't worry. I'm here.'

When Corvus noticed my reluctantance, his smile fell and turned into frown.

"Would you rather go with him than with your big brother?" He asked in an even tone.

I remained silent but my head is screaming YES!

"Let me rephrase that. Do you trust that man more than you trust your own flesh and blood?" He asked, but this time, the tone of his voice is no longer calm and collected. There's a trace of anger in his voice.

I wanted to scream 'No! I don't trust you'.

Suddenly, a laugh echoed inside the cave. It was coming from none other than Corvus.

"This is so amusing. Hahaha. I never imagined that the enigmatic Axel Montblac is able to tame the Anastasha, the elusive princess of Atlantria. Truly magnificent!" He said before clapping his hands. "Give them an applause people!" He exaggerately clap his hands and ordered the two man standing behind him to applaud.

"Are you really sure you're putting your trust to the right man?" He asked.

That question made me have second thoughts, but if I'll choose between the two, I'd rather choose Axel.

"Yes," I told him firmly.

"Then you don't know him that much, huh?" He said dissappointingly. It sounded like he's hiding something.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Corvus ignored my question and shift his gaze back on Axel.

"Tell her." He urged. "I'm giving you the permission to tell her the story or do you want me to tell her instead?" He offered. "But I don't gurantee that you'll like what's on my mind."

If Corvus is trying to threaten him, Axel didn't show it. He just look at Corvus with his usual cold facial expression.

"Maxwell Vermont Montblac," Corvus started.

Maxwell? Is that Axel's real name?

"Son of Viktor Tepes Hagedorn Montblac, the former holder of the blue gemstone. Commited treason by trying to assassinate the royal family and the very same man who founded the organization who tried to overthrow the government of Atlantria..." He paused. "An organization we now call...the CROWS."

End of Chapter 30

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