Run Inside The Casino

"He's a mafia boss."

After he uttered those words my mind, like an old computer, slowly processed what he just told me.

He can't possibly be serious!

"You don't believe me," He stated while looking at me disappointedly.

"What makes you say that?" I asked feigning innocence.

"Your facial expression says otherwise," He said.

"Okay fine. I find it hard to believe but if ever you're telling the truth," I trailed off. Thing of my current situation, I suddenly asked, "What do you want from me?"

"I cannot answer you that, love. But one thing is for sure, you're safe with us." Mason smiled reassuringly.

'Can I truly trust this guy?' I asked myself.

"But I have to go," I told him but he just shrugged.

"Nah ah ah..." He said while holding his one finger up. "No can do, love. You need to stay until the boss allows you to leave. Comprende?"

I reluctantly nodded in response. What can I do? I don't have any other choice. I can't knock this guy out and run.

"Want me to get you something to eat?" He asked out of the blue.

I was about to respond that 'I'm not hungry', but a loud growl from my stomach interrupted me.

That was so embarrassing! I bet that I'm now blushing furiously, but this guy is polite not to mention it.

"So, why don't you sit first and I'll be right back," He said giving me a wink before going out of the room.

The moment he disappeared from my sight, I collapse in the bed and starts rolling back and forth. "Gosh! How humiliating." I told myself as I cover my face with both of my hands. In all my life, that's the first time that my stomach growl in front of someone. If my tutors find out about this, they'll lecture me about etiquette.

Good thing Mason left the room or else I don't know how'll I face him. I stopped myself from rolling when I realize something.

I'm all alone!

I immediately sit up on the bed look for my car keys in the bag. Luckily, it's still here.

I tip-toe as I go out of the room and check whether the coast is clear. I can't be too carefree. If what Mason's telling me is true then I'll be a goner when they find me sneaking inside their hideout. I still didn't get the chance to explore the world.

I saw a couple of guards in the vicinity occasionally, but I manage to be out of their radar not until I reach the elevator.


The elevator doors opened, I saw a tall man holding a metal case. When he noticed me, he eyed me curiously. I started to get nervous, but I need to keep my act up. I smiled at him and entered the elevator. The man steps out and starts walking away. I heaved a sigh. I thought I got caught, but I spoke too soon. As the elevator doors close, I saw Mason running to my direction.

For the love of pudding!

I press the buttons of the elevator for it to close.

"Hurry up and close!"

"Love, Stop!"

When Mason is only a feet away from the elevator, the door completely shuts. So much to my relief. I bet their minions are waiting for me when this elevator door opens.

I need to think of a plan.

I searched the elevator for some way out, but it's futile. It's closed off.


The elevator doors opened once again, an old couple. Both of them are looking at me in confusion. They must've seen my unease state awhile ago. I smiled at the couple weakly and stepped out of the elevator.

Immediately hide in the corner when I saw a group of men wearing black suits .

Gosh. What trouble did I just put myself? I asked myself that question a couple of times, but I still can't find the answer to that question.

I would never have thought this kind of thing would happen to me. 'Getting chased by a mafia?' Didn't those only happen in action movies? I bet when Al hears about this he'll laugh at me and find my dilemma ridiculous.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when one of the men in black suits saw me.

"Get her!" He ordered.

I ran as fast as I can away from them. When I found a door, which I assume was the exit, I quickly entered it and found myself in a room full of lights and people.

It can't be.

I'm in a casino! A place where people gamble. I cringed at the thought, but I need to set those things aside for now. I need to get away.

I ran into the crowd of people to hide, but I got tripped and accidentally bump a machine making me pressed one of its buttons.

"What the hell! I spend a thousand Euros for that!" The old lady shouted and gave me a glare.

"I'm sorry. I didn't intend to push that button. It was an accident-" I got cut off by my apology when I heard the machine at my back started making some strange sounds. The next thing I knew, the old lady is now dancing out of joy.

What's going on?

"I can't believe it, child. You won- I mean, I won!" The old lady cheered. She is strange. She wants to strangle me earlier, but now, she filled with mirth.

The old lady keeps on talking about getting all the money. I don't care! After all, it's her money.

When my gaze landed at the far end of the room, I instantly duck on what I saw. Amidst the crowd are men in black suit.

I better get out of here.

"There's a fire exit over there." The old lady suddenly says while pointing at the fire exit.

"Thank you."

"You let me won a million, so we're even," She says. I only manage to give her a weak smile before I dash off.

Pushing myself through the crowd, I finally reach the door but when I'm about to open the knob, a large hand grip my wrist and pulled me. I stumble on my feet then land on a hard surface.

A masculine scent invaded my nostrils. Whatever surface I just hit, I must say it smells good.

"Where do you think you're going?"

♚End of Chapter 5 ♚

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