I unlock the phone in my hand just to make sure if my eyes are not playing tricks on me.

"You don't have to check it. It's undeniably yours." He confirmed. "I have my eyes everywhere in my humble abode."


I've once read in a book that if the heroine was caught red-handedly then she has two options: fight or flight. Since I obviously can't fight, the only thing I can do now is the latter but if I run I'll definitely be shot right away.

My thoughts are in turmoil. I'm standing in front of Mr. Alastair frozen in my spot. I need to think of a plan and fast!

"Are you alright? You look pale," He asked. He sounded like he is concern, but I don't know if he's just acting it out or not. If he is, he has done a job well done doing that. World class actor!

"I-ah...I-" No words seems to come out of my mouth.

"Don't worry, I won't bite." He teased and takes a step away from me. He turn around and approach the red door. When he is a step away from the door, it automatically open.

"Follow me." He said and then the door close.

I don't want to follow him inside, but I suddenly felt a cold metal touching my shoulder. I gulp when I saw it's a tip of a gun. The man holding it saw my horrified expression and gave me smirk. He slightly move his head telling me to follow Mr. Alastair into the room.

I did what I was told. I don't want my brain splattered on this tiled floor. That would be a horrendous way to die.

Now that I'm standing in front of the door, I suddenly felt more nervous. I don't know what lies ahead behind this door. I don't want to die yet but I can't even run away! I'm starting to pity myself. What if I just stayed at home and just be a good girl? Maybe my lifespan will not shorten but will even get longer. Just thinking about it made me remember a certain someone.

It was that demon's fault why I am in this hell hole!

If I haven't met him, I would be in Japan right now enjoying my freedom.

'But if you didn't meet Axel you'll die due to dehydration!' My mind countered. I frown. Even my subconscious is against me.

A shiver travel down through my spine when I finally felt the door opened. I can't help but squeak. It's so cold and dark inside. This is really creepy. It suddenly reminds me of the horror movies that Al loves to watch.

I glance behind me. I don't even know why I did that. Maybe I was secretly hoping that somebody will stop me or much me.

"Axel will save me." I unconsciously mutter. Maybe he'll save me from this.

'Fat chance!' My mind tells me.

But he said he needs me to find the stones so I don't think he'll leave me here.

'You don't even know how to navigate. You're useless!' I cringe at my own thoughts.

I'm starting to sound like a pessimist.

I was brought back to reality when I felt the cold tip of the gun on my shoulder. "Move already!" The man said irritated.

I reluctantly enter the room. The moment I step inside, the door suddenly close. Now I was left alone standing here. The room is dim lit but I can still tell the interior design. The walls are painted in maroon and the floor is covered in red carpet. In the middle of the room, I saw a glass box. There's a faint light coming out of it.

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