Elegant Commoner 

Have you ever been electrocuted?

Why do I ask? Because the moment our bodies collided I felt a strange electric current ran passed my body.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked. I felt my whole body stiffened by the sound of that very familiar voice. My palms start to sweat and the beat of my heart very fast.

"I won't look up. I won't," I silently mumbled.

"Look at me," The voice ordered while his hand rest on my back to support me. Reluctantly, I look up and saw two familiar black orbs looking straight at me. "What are you doing in this place?" Axel asks creasing his forehead.

I gulp. I'm trying to think of an excuse, but I got none, so I decided to be honest instead, "I- I'm leaving?" I told him nervously.

"Who allowed you to leave?" He asked.

"No one?"

Suddenly, somebody grabs my arm."Caught you now lassy!" He screams. It was the guy with a mustache.

'Come on! When will they ever give up?' I ask myself. He's been chasing me for a while now along with his goons. He's holding my arm in a vice grip. I wince when his grip on my arm tightens. I just hope it won't leave a mark.

"Let's go," The mustache man ordered me like a boss. He tried to pull me away out of Axel's arms, but the man who's holding me now didn't even let go. That made the mustache man irritated. When he's about to confront Axel, his face instantly paled when he saw him.

"S-sir," He said and immediately bow down together with his companions. "Forgive my rudeness, Sir." He politely says.

Axel ignored his minions. He drags me along with him to a silent hallway, away from the busy crowd. When we're finally alone, I start struggling. I want to get free from his hold. "Where are you taking me? Can't you just let me go? I won't run away." I said, but his firm grip remained on my wrist and didn't stop from dragging me.

"I won't run away this time. I promise-mph!" Axel suddenly halts making me bump his back in the process.


"Why are you stopping all of a sudden?" I complained, rubbing my nose. Is his body made of bricks?

"If it isn't my dear friend Axel." Said the unfamiliar voice.

I sneak a peek from Axel's shoulder and saw the same man I encountered a while ago from the elevator. He is flashing Axel his white teeth.

"Cain." Axel acknowledge.

When Cain's gaze landed on me, his smile becomes even wider. I honestly find it creepy. "We meet again." He told me.

I gave him a curt nod before hiding behind Axel. I heard him chuckle and ask, "Shall we begin?"

Axel didn't respond but continue to walk, dragging me again along with him. I made a quick glance at the man following behind us. He still smiling broadly while carrying his metal case.

I wonder what's inside.

After they made a turn at the end of the hallway, I notice that the place starts getting eerily quiet. The exterior design also changes from fancy vases and colorful paintings to grotesque statues and dim lighting. Engrossed with my thoughts, I didn't notice that we entered a room.

The huge glass window first caught my attention. It shows the night view of the city below. 'It's perfect for couples who wants a candlelight dinner.' I told myself. I spoke too soon when my eyes land at the center of the room. There, I saw a dinner table that is perfectly prepared.

Are they going to have their dinner?

Axel led me towards the table. When we finally reached it, he ordered me to sit. I didn't like the commanding tone he just used, but I let it slide and do as he says.

Suddenly, the double doors at the side of the room opened. It revealed a group of people wearing white uniforms with trays of food on their hands. When they finally served the food, I couldn't help myself but to salivate by its delicious scent.

"Eat " I heard Axel says.

I shook my head and just stared at my plate. Yes, I'm hungry and wanted to have a bite, but my head is screaming 'NO'. What if it's poisoned? Sedated even.

Suddenly, my stomach grumbles, not that loudly, but loud enough for Axel and his guest to hear.

How embarrassing!

I can feel two pairs of eyes looking at me, but I refuse to meet theirs. My thoughts drift back to my plate. The more I look at it, the more it says 'Come and eat me.'

I gulped.

"I-it's not poisoned, was it?" I asked in a whisper, hoping that Axel heard me.

I heard Cain stifled a laugh whereas, Axel remained silent by my side. I do not want to look at him. "I assure you. It's not. Want me to test it for you?" Cain offered.

"Uh... No. I'm good." I replied awkwardly.

"Just eat." Axel says with finality.

I start to eat, but when I about take my first bite. I notice that both of the guys are looking at me. "What are you two looking at?" I asked them. Cain is looking at me in amusement while Axel is staring at me with his usual passive expression, but nonetheless, he's still looking at me.

I mentally face-palmed when realization dawned me.

The way I sit and eat. I'm acting like what I usually do! I cursed all my etiquette instructors for doing a job well done, and now because of them, I'm screwed.

I chuckled nervously and said, "What's wrong? Never saw an elegant commoner before?"

♚End of Chapter 6 ♚

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