"What do you want?" I finally asked.

A smile crept out from his face. The same smile I saw back then at the airport.

"I want you."

My Underworld

"I-I beg your pardon?" I asked flabbergasted.

"You heard me. I want-" He repeated.

"I heard you!"

I suddenly cover my chest with my arms and hands. "You won't do anything unpleasant, right?" I asked pertaining to myself while I look at him questioningly.

This made me earn a smirk from the devil himself.

"Only if you want me to." He said suggestively.

"How immodest!" I said. Abhorred by his statement.

"You seem to be forgetting that you're the first one to assume that, but I won't mind if you do." He paused. "Who am I to refuse a beautiful lady?" He finished.

" perv!" I said. I'm pretty sure that I'm blushing from embarrassment now.

A few seconds later I heard him laugh.

"Stop it." I said. Feigning that I felt so insulted.

He suddenly lean forward, making his face just a few inches away from mine. I suddenly felt conscious when he look at me straight in the eyes.


I saw him smirk and suddenly gave me a flick in the forehead.

"Hey. That actually hurts."I said while rubbing my forehead. He did exert some force.

"You didn't let me finish your highness. You're quick to assume things. Didn't know that your imagination is that wild." He said with a teasing tone.

He's enjoying my humiliation! If my face earlier is pinkish, I bet a million bucks now that my face is as red as a tomato. The nerve of this guy.

"Back to business. I want you to be my date tonight at the gala in Alastair Mansion."

"Why me? Why a person who's unwilling to go with you? With that face of yours, you can easily find a women who's more willing to go with you."

"Did you think I ask you because I like it? I did it because I need you to do something for me."

"And that would be?" I ask curiously.

"Get the blue gemstone inside that mansion."

"I do what!? You're asking me to steal for you?" I look at him incredulously. " You must be nuts."

Me, trying to steal a gemstone? Our country is known for having an abundant supply of precious stones. It's an audacity to ask someone, let alone the princess, from Atlantria to steal a petty gemstone. It's a scandal if the society finds out about it.

"And why would I do something like that for you? You're asking me to steal! " I said with a huff.

"We're not stealing. We're simply taking what is rightfully mine." He paused. "Besides, I'm still not sure if that's the real gemstone that's why I need your help to determine its authenticity." He said and shifted his attention to his laptop.

"How would I know that?"

"Simple. You just do." He said, not removing his eyes and fingers on his laptop.

I look at him like he's gone crazy. "That's the most bullshitting answer I've ever heard."

"For a royalty, you got a foul mouth." He commented. "Here." He suddenly turn his laptop screen and showed an image to me. "That's the gemstone i'm talking about. The blue stone of Queen Catherine."

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