The Runaway Princess [ENGLISH]

The Runaway Princess [ENGLISH]

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Aica By Echo2014 Updated Sep 15

Being a member of the royal family doesn't always count as being lucky. For Tasha, being a princess is like a high class prisoner with royal guards for a warden and a beautiful palace as a prison cell. Wanting to experience life as a normal person, she ran away, but circumstances were such a tease and fate decided to pull a prank, making her meet a hot mafia leader whom she'll take refuge to keep her identity hidden from her pursuers.

What can go wrong if the RUNAWAY PRINCESS meets the mafia boss?

*not your typical fairy tale. 

©All rights reserved Echo2014 (Aica)

To give you heads up, yes this is a fantasy story. Lol

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
Remember: Plagiarism is a crime.

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And including the fact that it’s wattpad so literally you just made everything f*cking possible
Omg thanks so much it’s was me pleasure too dinghy this story for you if you what more story like this one just comment and tell me which one too ringt @wattpas
                              June 5, 2018
                              Secretly reading on Mom's laptop... Let's hope I don't get caught.... xDDDD
Literally Everything? I mean this is wattpad, so the possibilities are pretty much endless!
Puro nlang love story ang nababasa ko dito wala bang horror story dito.
Thats true, 1st I want to be one when I was younger but now im loder it all became clear.