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Princess Genevieve Anastasia Strauss Romanov always wanted a mundane life so in the middle of her trip in America, she decided to run away with the help of her cousin. Determined to travel the world, she traveled to Las Vegas to board a plane going to Tokyo, Japan but life doesn't always go according to her plans when he accidentally met Axel, a dashing debonair mafia leader and his womanizer psychic Mason. In exchange of protection against her pursuers, she was given a quest to find the powerful stones called the Gemstones of Queen Catherine like the black stone she posses. As she continues to travel with Axel and find the missing gemstones, she began seeing flashes of memories that's either real or just a product of her imagination. Since then, her life turns upside down as she uncovers her past and her relationship with Axel's group.

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Chapter 42

"Al, I don't want to return." I complained while Al sits beside me inside the car. When I looked outside the window, I saw the airport signage indicating that we're almost there.

"No. You've done quite an spectacle. Your father is furious." Al reminded.

"More reason I don't want to go home." I sulked.

"If only you didn't get yourself in that kind of trouble." Al said disappointedly.

"Do you think I planned this? I didn't even know who did this." I said as I try to remember the events that had occured. "Al, I remembered someone saying something to me before I passed out."

"What is it? Can you remember what that person said?" He inquired.

I closed my eyes and try to remember what he said but nothing comes into mind. "I can't remember, but I know I knew that person."

Al stared at me for a moment. "You know...After I received an info regarding your kidnapping I was worried." He said with a sigh. "I'm half part of your scheme when you decided to escape your life as a royalty and the idea that you're in trouble because of it does not sit well with my conscience." He said.

I smiled inwardly. "Awww. My cute cousin is worried for my safety." I cooed. I even cling on his forearm playfully and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Shut up." He said moving his face away from me, a sign that he's being shy about it.

"So, will you let go of me this time?" I asked seizing the moment. His face snapped on my direction with a big frown.

"No." He flatly stated.

I pouted trying to act like a cute kid hoping that my antics will work on him but when I saw him raised his eyebrow I immediately let go.

"Listen, it's not like I don't support you on what you wanted. Didn't I made it clear last time when I helped you? The situation right now is slightly different because there are threats coming to the royal family and most of them are directed towards you. I heard all about it from your father when he discovered what I have done."

"What!?" I exclaimed when I caught the last sentence.

"Yes, he knew and I don't want to talk about how he did but I thought I was screwed that time. Going back to the info you just told me a while ago, there's a possibility that you really knew the person who kidnapped you because we suspected that he or she is part of the high Atlantrian Society."

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