Chapter 43 - Sky Is The Limit

After an hour of traveling my question a while ago was still left unanswered. I see no signs of Axel.

'Should I be worried?' I asked myself but I immediately dismiss the thoughts when I realized that he'll destroy what he deem an obstacle in his plans. I don't think that kind of man can be easily eliminated considering not only his potential but also his influence. Besides, Dianara will surely be worried by now if anything unpleasant happened.

"What are you staring at?" Dianara bark  when she saw me looking at her blankly. I've been inside my thoughts to  notice that I never remove my gaze towards that woman.

"I'm staring at the intercom at your side." I flawlessly lied before tearing my eyes away from her and tried looking at my phone for some entertainment.

With nothing else to do, unlocked the phone and found an unread message in my inbox. It was from the devil himself, Axel. It was sent a few hours ago.

'Don't go.' It says

What does it even means?

Racking my brain as to what he is talking about, I started to think of what am I doing exactly a couple of hours ago. I remembered being kidnapped and saved by my cousin and he took me to the airport. If my calculations are correct, the message was sent when Al and I was on our way to the airport.

Impossible! I don't think he overhead what we're talking about, is it?

I stared at the phone silently. This little device is starting to get creepy so as its real owner.

"Glaring at your phone won't break it. Do you want me to do it for you?" Dianara suggests.

"I'm starting to reconsider your offer at this point." I said. As I was about to make a move and gave my phone to her, I heard Marshall's voice over the intercom making me pause.

"Ladies, fasten your seatbelt. We're about to land in Puglia."

"You moron, we're not landing. We will use the parachute." Says Mason.

"Are you out of your mind!?"

"No, I'm not. There's no airport in Puglia you dimwit! We'll crash this aircraft somewhere but before that happens, we should get out."

Then we heard a slamming sound then line went dead.

Are they for real? I stared at Dianara seeking for answers but she didn't even spare a glance over my direction.

"Sorry about that ladies." I heard Mason said over the intercom. "Don't fasten your seatbelt and look for a parachute. We will crash in approximately 10 minutes."

"What the fuck Mason!?" Dianara cursed.

The moment I heard Mason, I immediately searched for an emergency essentials inside. Good thing I am familiar with the aircraft, I was able to locate where the parachutes are and handed Dianara one.

"I'm definitely kill that son of a bitch." Dianara continued to cursed as she puts on the chute.

The door on the cockpit opened revealing Mason with his signature smile.

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