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Chapter 32 - Red Gemstone

Calling this place a hell hole is definitely an understatement. Aside from the hot temperature inside this cave, guards keeps on appearing like devil spawns. To make matters worst, their Lucifer, aka Corvus, sets the alarm on, making everybody inside aware of our escape.

They keeps on swarming like ants but Axel, together with Marshall, manages to downplay the amount of people who are after us by using their sheer force.

Martial Arts comes in handy in this kind of situations. Maybe that's why Al keeps on telling me to take those extra lessons whenever he visits us in the palace.


One man was down after Marshall gave him a jab on his stomach.

"Step aside!" I heard somebody shouted. I turned and saw a tall burly man came into view. He's holding an axe that is larger than his body. 

Can he even swing that thing?

The moment those words quickly pops on my mind, Axel, in a lightling flash, landed a punch on his face.


Stunned, the man lose his balance and accidentally release his hold on the axe cutting his arm in the process.

Double ouch.

I cringed at the sight. The man cried in agony and Axel didn't even bat an eye before delivering his kick, making the man lie unconcious and bloody to the ground.

I froze and stared at the bloody mess. The pile of unconscious people keeps on increasing as the two continue to deliver their blows.

This is not what I want. I told myself internally.

Busy with my own thoughts, I didn't noticed a man was about to shoot me with his gun until Axel pulled me into his arms.

"Woman! Don't just stand there!" Axel shouted. Anger is evident on his face.

The bullet barely missed my left shoulder. If I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt, I'm sure that I have to say good bye to that clothing.

Before the man even manages to pull another trigger towards me, Marshall appeared behind him with his hand dangerously wrapping his neck.

I didn't saw what happened next, because the next thing I knew, Axel covers my eye with his big callous hand, but I didn't missed the cracking sound that echoed. I didn't need to see to know what happened because I only need to put two and two together.

"If you can't take it anymore, don't watch," Axel suddenly whispered in my ear. It's barely audible, but I heard it loud and clear. Then he spin me around before removing his hand from my eyes and clasps his hand over my wrist.

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