Chapter 35 - The Dragon of Wawel

'Do you believe in dragons?' Asked the female child expectantly to an Amber eyed male child.

'No,' The male child quickly replied. Dragons are one of many creatures he believe that never existed in this word. They're all myths.

The female child cringe. 'You should be the first person who'll think that they exists,' She said as a matter of fact.

The little guy look at her baffled. 'What-whatever y-you mean by that?'

'Relax! You always stutters. Do you still feel uncomfortable around me?' She asked feigning that she's hurt.

It causes the little guy to stutter more. 'No-no ne-ver. I uh.. Ne-ver tho-,'

'Stop,' the girl commanded and then giggled. 'Want me to show you a trick?'

The little guy just nod his head.

'Dragons existed way before humans do. They are highly intelligent beings and do not require human guidance. In short, they are proud and independent beings,' the little girl said.

'B-but that's not a trick. You're telling me a story,'

'Hush! Just listen first,' she said. The little guy just nodded his head thinking that he should just listen or else she'll smack him on the arm again. Yes, it doesn't actually hurt but he doesn't want her to get angry at him.

'One day, the dragons faced their greatest fears, their extinction. Little by little, the amount of mana circulating around us started to deteriorate causing dragons to weaken and wither away. It was their primary source of vitality,'

They seek human help because humas are like magical containers. By forming a contract, dragons feed off their internal magic in exchange of lending their abilities,'

At first, it was a great solution for both sides until they all realized that a contract that is too good to be true has a major flaw. A human can become invincible with his or her dragon but having one is like a curse. It's like a double edge sword. The more you use their abilities, the more magical power you need and if by any chance you failed to sustain them with your internal magic, they'll feed off with your life force causing the human contractors to shorten their lifespan,'

'I-is that the reason why there are no d-dragons today?' The little guy asked the blue eyed female child. Finally taken an interest with the story.

'That's a yes and at the same time, no,' the girl replied making the little guy frowned.

'During those times, humans discovered a way of having eternal mana. If you have that kind of power, you can also rule over the dragons but...' the girl paused. 'It is a ritual like no other, it requires a great sacrifice,'

'D-did they pursue the ritual?'

'Humans are compassionate beings but at the same time, they are like the dragons. Proud and ambitious. While the dragons rules the sky, humans claim that they rule the earth, the ground we currently standing in,'

'What happen to the ritual?' The little guy asked, curious as to what happened. The girl smile when she noticed that the amber eyed male was finally able to talk to her without stuttering. 'Is there something funny? Why are you smiling?' He asked confused.

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