Chapter 44- The Mirage Island (Part 1)

I gasp as the air filled my lungs. I manage to swim into the surface after my nasty fall into the water. Huge waves tried to push me deep into the ocean but I manage to stay afloat thanks to my swimming instructor back in Atlantria.

Now what? I manage to survive that blasted free fall and now I'm stuck in the water with no island in sight.

Great! I just prolonged my inevitable death.

With greeted teeth, I tried to look for Mason and Dianara. I'm sure they're around here somewhere. When I was about to swim around, a yacht stopped just a few feet away from me.

I tried to look up to see who was aboard but the light of the sun makes it hard to see the person standing.

Suddenly, a lifebuoy tied in a rope was thrown on my side.

"Hold on to that for a moment. I'll pull you up." I heard somebody says.

I grab the lifebuoy and the man pulled me up aboard.

"Thank You." I said and relieved that I am finally on a solid surface.

"You're very welcome, my lady." He said and handed me a white towel to dry myself.

When I finally able to see the person's face, I saw a good-looking man in a black tux. He looks around 30 years old and he got a short black hair and brown eyes.

"You're the one in the airport back in Las Vegas." I stated remembering our first encounter when Axel unceremoniously carried me on his shoulder like a sack.

"You still remember that?" He asked amusedly.

"Well, I just paid a little attention." I replied.

"Sir," A man in a dark suit interrupted. "We spotted the twins at the east."

"Lead the way." He ordered and the boat sped towards the east.

Moments later, Mason and Dianara joined us aboard.

"Archie, my man!" Mason greeted "I knew you wouldn't fail me!"

The man he called Archie, our savior, raised an eyebrow at him. "What if I didn't come into your aide?"

"I will be the first one to kill him before the sharks finds him." Dianara deadpanned.

"Empty threats doesn't make you scary." Mason grumbled.

Dianara glared at Mason before storming off inside the cabin.

"What you've done was quite reckless." Archie remarked. "She's lucky that she's got the primary instincts for survival." He said glancing towards my direction. " As they all say; the body may remember what the mind forgets." He said with a secret smile.

"I wouldn't do it if I knew it wouldn't work." Mason said. "Besides, sticking to the plan would only get us in trouble." He added.

"Sir! There was an explosion in Brindisi Airport." A man interrupted.

"Explosion?" Archie asked.

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