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Chapter 23♚ Walk On The Way Up

It's been an hour since we departed and now we're stuck in the middle of nowhere. Yes, we're stranded! After our bumpy ride along the terrains of the mountain, the vehicle we're riding stops. I'm still feeling a bit shaken when I got off the truck. Luckily, Axel manages to grab my hand and avoid myself from kissing the white sand.

"Thanks," I mumbled. Even it's bearly audible, I know that he heard me because I saw him nod his head in response before approaching Berto and Benny who're now busy fixing the truck.

I sat down on a rock, waiting for them to finish. I look at my surroundings, all I can see around me are rocks, white colored ground, and a few plants growing here and there. The scene looks weird but lovely at the same time. My eyes landed on the ground. "I wonder why it's white," I said out loud.

I was interrupted from my train of thoughts when I felt somebody's presence beside me. I look up and saw one of the twins. I think his name is Benny.

"It's white because of the lahar," He said while flashing me his big smile. "When Mt. Pinatubo exploded, it filled the areas around it with its massive lahar," He explained. "It's one of the largest eruptions dated in the 20th century. I was only a child when it happened," He finished. It looks like he's in deep thought. He's probably reminiscing all the events that had occurred when the volcano erupted.

"Did you see how it exploded?" I asked. Not knowing what to say.

"Yes, it's a true tragedy," He told me grimly. "But look on the bright side, the eruption made this majestic landscape," He said talking about the view in front of us. "Also, the view from the crater is marvelous," He told me.


"Yes," He confirmed.

"How much longer do we need to travel till we get there?" I asked eagerly. "I want to see it for myself," I told him.

"Soon," He said with a smile before turning around and left.

Now I was left alone sitting on a rock while looking at the horizon until Axel made his presence known. "Let's go. We'll walk from here onwards," He said.

I look at him like he has grown another head. "You've got to be kidding me," I told him. I shift my eyes back to the sunny horizon. "Are you serious?" I told him incredulously. He's asking me to walk all the way to the next terrain while the sun is high up in the sky!? It's like a hundred miles away from here!

"Maybe I'll just stay here," I told him.

"Suit yourself," Axel says before starts walking along with Benny, leaving the truck behind with Berto.

What the hell!? He's set on leaving me alone in here.

"Ma'am, maybe you should go with them. It'll take a long time before another truck passes this area," Berto told me. "and the walk is not that long. I promise you'll enjoy it once you reach the crater," He added while smiling so broadly.

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