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Chapter 20 – Insensitive Jerk

When I first saw Axel fast approaching my table, the first thought that clouded my mind is 'What is he doing here!?'

'To get you back of course!' My subconscious shouted. It's not even half a day since I left his mansion!

"How?" I gaped at him completely stunned. "What are you doing here!?"

"Why did you disobey my orders?" He spat venomously. Despite being in his usual calm and confident demeanor, I know deep inside he's battling all his demons to get unleashed. A chill ran down on my spine by just the mere thought of him getting mad at me. I don't want to be the receiving end of his anger but I still got a backbone to fight for what I think is just. I was about to answer his question when I suddenly remembered all the events that had occurred last week. The scene when he left me on top of the Eiffel Tower replayed in my head.

He broke his promise.

It's a promise that I didn't ask for. He offered it by himself. I'm not forcing him either when he told me that. He ditches me on top of the tower and left with that gorgeous lady. To make matters worse, he ordered me like a servant to never leave his mansion and left me rotting inside without even asking how I was doing. What does he thinks I am, his prisoner? I didn't left my luxurious prison cell, aka palace, for another one. If he thinks that I'll just obey all his whims then he's dead wrong. He's making a big mistake by basing my character to the reports he got from when I was still in Atlantria. I'm not as obedient as he thinks I am.

I shift my attention back to my food. "Hello to you too." I greeted sarcastically. Even though I'm not looking at his face, I'm pretty sure he's already squinting his eyes at me when he detects my sarcasm. "What brings you here?" I ask casually.

He didn't answer my question. Instead, he takes the spoon I'm holding midway to my mouth. "Hey!" I shouted and by instinct, I look in his direction. He's holding my spoon while looking at me impassively. That's also the moment I noticed that we also caught the attention of the people inside the café. I also saw Addie and Gustavo looking at us in confusion. I smiled to assure the two that I'm okay but I think my smile is not as genuine as I wanted it to look like. I shift my gaze back to Axel. "That's my spoon." I said glaring at him. "Technically, the owner of this spoon is the owner of this place." He said then I scowled. I shift my attention back at my coffee. "What do you want Axel?" I asked then took a sip on my cup. You need to calm down Tasha and don't make a scene. "I told you this before, I want you." He said straightforwardly making me cough the coffee that I'm drinking.

I don't know what I should feel about his words. I know he wanted me for a different reason. I suddenly heard someone squealed next to my table. When I saw who it was, my eyes squinted. It was Mason. Yes, you read it right. For a guy, I'm surprised that he knows how to squeal like a girl. He's sitting on a chair next to my table while enjoying his coffee.

How did he get there? I didn't even notice him.

"Damn Axel. I didn't know you're a romantic type." He teased. "Shut it Mason." Axel simply said. "How did you get there?" I asked him while looking so confused. "I'm wounded my love. You only noticed Axel while entering the café." He said while putting his hand on his chest, acting like he's deeply wounded. "What? You're saying that you entered this coffee shop with him?" I asked totally surprised. "Yup!" He said popping the 'p'. "I'm right behind him when I entered."

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