AN: Attention to all French readers (if there are any) and those who can understand French. If possible, please correct me from my French grammar mistakes. I only use google translate. I also wanted to make it sound like they're speaking like a true local. Thank you!

Adventure Time

Have you ever been so lost that you didn't know where to go anymore? After my encounter with the man on the vegetable truck, I found myself aimlessly walking in the streets of France. I know I'm in Paris but why the hell can't I find the Eiffel tower? Did Mr. Reeves feed me the wrong information earlier?

Suddenly, my stomach growls. The moment my fingers touch my tummy, the feeling of disappointed filled my system. There has been a very big loophole in my plan and that is: I forgot to bring money.

Yes! Money. 

The only thing I got in my pocket right now is a piece of scrap paper. What am I suppose to do with that?

I've passed a few stores several times now but I just stared at the signboard and inhale the scent of the food.

"I should've taken a heavy breakfast this morning," I told myself and continue to walk in the streets.

I turned to the corner and found a dark alley. In the movies, many protagonists experienced bad things whenever they encountered this kind of place so I took a step backward and started heading back. But before I can even leave the place, I heard a roaring sound of a motorcycle not far from where I'm standing.

"This is not good," I muttered to myself.

When I'm about to take my leave, a tall figure appeared in front of me. I froze on my spot at the sight.

Uh oh...

Suddenly, somebody clings to my arm. I saw a girl with a dirty blonde pixie cut hair, probably around my age, on my side.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you," She suddenly said in French. I looked at her in confusion. I know my knowledge of French language is rusty, but I understand what she's trying to say. 

She turn her head towards the tall figure in front of us. I can finally see his face. He looks like a goon. Realization finally hits me.

I immediately loop my arm around her waist and tried to act all familiar with her. Using my best to speak using their native tongue, I said. "Sorry."

"Pardon us, mister. We were just passing by." She said and immediately pull me with her and run outside the alley.

When we reached a cafe, we're both panting heavily. Didn't expect that this girl can run. When I say run, I mean run like she's running a marathon. I barely keep up running with her since she's a very fast. It kinda reminds me of the guy who ditch me for a week now.

I sighed at the thought.

"That was close." I heard the girl suddenly said in English. The very thick French accent is evident in her voice.

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