Not This Time Around

How did he know that I was being pursued?

"What are you talking about?" I asked him not minding the bystanders as they watch Axel carry me unceremoniously.

"You didn't realized that you're deeply involve with me huh?" He said in a bored tone.

Oh yeah. That was a close call. For a moment there, I thought he knew somethng. There's no way he knows my real identity.

"Who do you think who's fault was that?" I asked sarcastically.

Axel didn't replied and continue to walk.

"Can you put me down now?" I asked, but he ignored me once again.

I want to struggle out from his hold, but I don't want another embarrassing moment like kissing the floor.

I sighed as I tried to cover my face using both of my hands. This is really embarrassing and he's making a scene.

"Your wound," I reminded him in hopes that it'll make him stop carrying me like a sack of potatoes, but it immediately crumbled when he just shrugged.

I gave up and let him do his own way. He made a quick turn making me feel dizzy and nauseated at the same time.

"Could you please be more gentle? A lady on your shoulder remember?"

He didn't even bother to apologized and continue walking to the opposite direction.

"Aren't you going to the wrong direction?" I asked. The airport's main entrance in the other direction.

"You're too talkative." That's all he says before entering a small door.

"And you're such a snob." I retorted.

I decided not to talk anymore as Axel continue to walk inside the halls of the building.

The further Axel advances the more I noticed the changes to the surroundings. The cemented wall earlier are now glass walls.

Axel suddenly halts.

"Are we there yet?" I asked.

I heard a series of footsteps coming in our way.

"What do we have here." Said an unfamiliar voice. "I never expect to see you holding a lady even though she's in a very..." He trailed off. "Interesting position," the voice added. Amusement is evident on his tone.

"I don't really mind that position. She got a hot ass." Said an annoying voice which I instantly recognized as Mason. That pervert!

I stuggled from Axel's hold expecting him to let go of me but instead, I received a slight butt slap.

"Hey!!" I screamed startled.

Did he just slap my butt?

"Shut up." I heard him says.

I was about to retort when I heard somebody says, "The plane's ready. Let's go."

Once again, Axel continue to walk with me on his shoulders.

"You're really not going to let me go, huh?" I asked in a voice only Axel could hear. I gave up waiting when I realized he's not going to answer my question.

Sighing, I just shut my mouth.

When we reached the open field, Axel decided to put me down. It was about time. My abdomen hurts already. I stumbled on to the ground as I felt slightly dizzy but Axel quickly grab my arm.

"Thanks." I murmured.

"Let's go." He simply said.

I saw Mason boarded the plane together with someone. Probably the same person from before.

As I walk through the stairs to the pit, I stopped midway.

I turn around and faced Axel. There's a slight frown on his forehead making me earn a small smile which I quickly masked with an angry expression.

"Do I really have to go with you?" I ask sharply.


"I got a flight going to Japan. There's no way they'll find or trace me there."

"Believe me when I say they will."

"Why would they do that? It's not like I'm important to you nor to anyone? I don't even have something valuable."

"You're more to it than meets the eye and Cain knew that."

Confusion is definitely written all over my face.

Axel steps closer until he's just a foot away. He leaned forward until our face is just inches away. I didn't budge. If he thinks I'll back away, he's wrong. I just looked straight into his eyes. Those black orbs really amuses me but at the same time scares me.

I gasp when he lift his right arm to caress my jaw line. I tried to back away, but his left hand grab my small waist. He leaned forward and this time, I just closed my eyes.

Damn! What's he doing?

Suddenly, I heard a deep chuckle which made me snap my eyes open.

Now looking straight at this man, I saw him in a new light. He's more gorgeous when he's smiling.

I was in a daze. This is like a deja vu. I think I've already seen this before, but I can't tell when or where.

I quickly snap back into reality when I saw him smirk.

"You're really guillible." He said.

I frowned. Wait...what?

"This stone." He said as he lift it up.

I look at the material and it was my ring. The one I made into a pendant.

"What about that stone?" I asked confused.

He leaned towards my right ear and whispered "Is the stone I've been looking for."


"Let's go." He said as he walked ahead leaving me flabbergasted.

I wanted to ask him lots of questions but I remained silent. My head is in turmoil.

I scan my eyes to my surroundings and saw a couple of men wearing black suits.

"Don't try to ran away coz I'll definitely find you." He suddenly said.

Frowning, I spun around to look at him.

"Even if I want to ran away I can't escape with your guards standing around the vicinity." I said flatly.

Axel didn't uttered a word after that.

As we boarded the plane, I heard Axel murmured something inaudibly. "I will never let you go. Not this time around."

"What? Did you just say something?" I asked but he ignored my question.

I sighed.

I made a quick glance at the dark sky of Las Vegas and shake my head lightly before I boarded the plane.

End of Chapter 9

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