Chapter 37 - The Twin Thing

'Maxwell, what made you decide to stay? Aren't you afraid of him?' The little girl asked in wonder.

'No' the little guy replied.

'I have given you a chance. Why blew it up?' The girl asked. 'I wouldn't mind if you didn't look back,' the girl said.

Maxwell didn't reply. He just stared at the little girl. For a ten year old, she's very brave. She didn't show signs of fear nor cowardice. But how can he leave if only thing that keeps him from escaping was her? If he leaves, all of that person's attention will focus on her and he won't let that happen. If he's going, so was her.

'I won't leave,' he said firmly. '...Not without you,' he continued at the back of his mind.


'What is that?' I asked Marshall as he cook something into the fire that he set up earlier. It's producing a very appetizing aroma despite looking like a coal because it's almost turning into black.

'It's a fish I caught earlier. It wont hurt to have a little meal after all of that fiasco, right?' he said handing me a stick.

I stared at the food he's offering me. When he noticed my reluctance to take it, he said, 'Despite looking like that, it's edible,'

I took the stick and stared at it once more.

'I may not be a good chef but this will do. Dig in,' he said and starts eating.

'It's the first time I'll eat something like this,' I said before pinching a good chunk and ate it.

'I don't have anything to put into that food so I guess it's a little bland,'

'It's good,' I complimented after I gulp a piece. 'What kind of dish is it?' I asked

'It's a grilled milkfish. In Filipino terms they call it inihaw na bangus,'

I stared at the food called Bangus trying to recall whether or not I was able to try something like this back in our homeland.

'It'a not actually common in Atlantria. It was usually found in Indian and Pacific Ocean,' Marshall suddenly said as if he can hear my internal turmoil.

I just gave him an 'O' response before I proceed eating.

Suddenly, a faint sound of a propeller was heard along the horizon. When we try to locate where the sound is coming from, we saw a white chopper on its way towards the island.

Marshall quickly stands from his seat. A look of worry flash in his eyes.

'Are we in trouble?' I asked.

'I don't know yet,' he replied.

'Here's our ride,' Axel suddenly appeared, startling us in the process.

When both of us just stared at him, he said, 'I deactivated the wards earlier. If I didn't, they'll never find us,' then he looks at me, 'didn't I already told you that?'

Blushing out of embarrassment, I just nodded my head.

'Prepare yourselves. We're leaving this island,' he ordered then walks away.

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