Once upon a time in a faraway country, there live a princess who is so obedient to her parents...or so they all believed.

Early evening on September 21st, the sound of screeching tires of my black car echoed all throughout the entryway of a five-star hotel. Everyone who witnessed the scene I created was in shock. Who wouldn't? Would you even expect a young lady wearing an elegant white gown with a golden tiara placed on her perfect updo hair knock all her guards out and used a limo as her getaway vehicle?

I don't think so.

As I drive my way out of the hotel into the main road, I left the guards panicking. I used that as a chance to draw them off my trail, but they are so persistent. 

Suddenly, a black car emerged on my right.

"Princess! Please stop the car!" Shouted the guy in a black suit. His automobile is already catching up with mine.

"When will they give up?" I let out a frustrated groan and speed up my car. I'm already running more than 190km/hr overtaking one vehicle to another, but they still keep on coming.

The sound of my phone ringing caught my attention. I immediately answered knowing who's on the other line. "So, how are you doing baby cousin?"

I scowled. "Is that all you could say? I'm running away here," Frustration is evident on my tone. 

"Relax Tasha," He said trying to calm me down, but at the same time, he finds my current status amusing. 

I'm currently talking to my favorite cousin in the world called Al. He's one of the masterminds of my plan of breaking the leash that the royal family put on my neck the moment I was born.

"How can I relax when I'm driving a car way past the speed limit and at the same time, being chased by men in black suits?" I said and heard him chuckled. "Great! You find my situation funny. Truly marvelous," I said sarcastically.

"Okay okay," He said defeated. "Now listen. You need to switch to plan B. If you keep on running like that they'll catch up to you very soon," He reminded me.

"As if I didn't know that," I said sardonically.

I heard him sigh on the other line. "Turn to your left at the end of that road and you'll know what to do," He instructed.

"Okay," I said confirming that I understand his instructions. "I'll stall the other royal guards to give you enough time. But take care of the ones behind you."

"Thanks, Al. You're the best."

"Of course I am," He stated proudly.

Suddenly, I heard a loud honk. I got caught too much in our little conversation that I didn't even noticed that the black car on my trail is now advancing a distance.

"I better hang up," He said. "Don't forget to throw your phone away. They can track you using that and..." He paused. "Be careful," He said before the line went dead. 

'Yeah, you too,' I said at the back of my mind. "Here goes nothing," I muttered before turning the wheel to the direction Al told me a while ago. Upon reaching my destination, I smiled when I heard the roaring sound of the train from the distance, but it fell when I realized what stunt I'm about to do.

"Can I pull this stunt?" I asked myself. That question has been swirling in my head for a couple of weeks ever since Al told me this plan. 

'Just crash and go. Easy!'  He said. Yeah, easy my ass!

I looked at my side mirror and grimaced when I saw a black car still following me. I guess I don't have a choice. I tightened my grip on to the steering wheel and stepped on the gas towards the closing gates.

I closed my eyes and chanted 'Please make it' repeatedly. I'll surely get struck by the train if I didn't make it to the other side. So much for the trouble I cause and end up dying in the process. That'll be humiliating!

I know Al made some arrangements to the railroad gates making it vulnerable to any collisions so that when I crash on it, I'll be able to get through.

I felt the impact when my car crashed into the gates, but that didn't stop me from driving. Merely a few seconds after I reached the other side, the train passed by, blocking the road behind.

I sighed with relief. That was a very close call. I made it out alive! If I'm not driving, I would have been dancing a happy dance right this minute.

I smiled with triumph. There's no way they'll be able to catch me now. I'm running at full speed and my cousin manage to downplay a number of guards after me. I'm so lucky that they didn't send a chopper. That'll be a different story.

My phone rings, disturbing me from my train of sentiments. My eyes widen when I saw the caller ID. This time, it was my father. Even though I'm tempted to answer, I decided against it. I made it this far. There's no turning back. Looking at my phone for one last time, I smiled. I turned it off and threw it out of my window. After everything that has transpired today, I didn't feel guilty nor sad, but mirth and excitement filled my system.

"I'm finally free!" I shouted as I continue driving to God knows where.

My name is Genevieve Anastasia Strauss Romanov, the first princess of Atlantria and this is my one hell of a story.


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