Chapter 36 - Resolution

I didn't quite remember what happened after Smok unleashed his crimson flames, but one thing is for sure, my brother deserves it.

Suddenly, I heard the loud sound of waves crashing.

Wait, what? Last time I remembered we're inside a volcano that was about to erupt, thanks to a freaking gigantic reptile.

I instantly get up from where I am lying and found myself inside a worn out nipa hut. I look outside the window and saw the beauty of the ocean.

I watch as the blue water crash into the shore. 'Wow' I thought. This is the first time I've seen something like this. Among us siblings, I am the sheltered one. They rarely took me outside the palace while my other siblings enjoyed the life of privileged. I did escape a couple of times, that's how I learned how to drive and other stuff. Al taught me and brought me to places, but he never brought me to the sea.

I started walking outside the small shelter I was currently in and go to the shore. As my toes takes a step to the white grainy sand, I stop myself before I can even reach the water. I look up and observed the entire place. The sun is at its highest point in the sky. Aside from it's majestic scenery, it didn't escape the fact that I'm in an isolated area. The only man made establishment I saw was the tiny nipa hut where I came from and the rest are all trees.

Where am I? Where's Axel and Marshall?

Just as I was about to turn around and look for them, the sea suddenly became silent. The waves that are crashing the shore just a while a go became stilled. The calmness of the ocean bothers me. It's as if someone or something did this.

Suddenly, the entire place started to dim. I look up into the sky and saw the light of the sun is being obscured by something.

Solar Esclipse

My attention drifted to the ocean when I suddenly heard a splash. It startled me but nonetheless didn't frightened me.

What can go wrong?

I saw a sea turtle coming towards me. It stop in front of me and look up. I suddenly have this urge to pick up the small creature but stop myself.

Why do I even want to hold it?

'Peculiar human,' A loud booming voice echoed but instead of being surprised, I found myself looking up calmly to the creature that spoke.

There, in front of me, was a gigantic sea serpent floating in the sky. It has a very large mouth with whiskers and gills on its sides. It has two sets of wings, one is large and ash-gray while the other is small and is found further down its body. It was a majestic sight but also frightening for the eyes of mortals.

But why am I not scared nor horrified? It's as if I've known this creature before but where and how?

'We meet again,' the creature said.

I didn't respond for I have no recollection of meeting this giant creature but a wave of familiarity hit me. But how? All my life I have lived inside the palace where I was expected to live a mundame life. I never even expect to discover that the things I believe never existed are all real.

'Have you met me before?' I manage to ask.

The serpent paused for a while.

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