Alastair's Mansion

When the big double oak doors open, I instantly heard the classical music being played inside. Axel hold my hand as we enter. That little gesture somewhat gives me a sense of security.

My eyes roam around the ballroom. The party is in full swing. The guests are wearing their glamorous gowns and suits and flaunting their pieces of jewelry. I've concluded that simplicity is not an option here. I even saw a woman wearing too many accessories just like a Christmas tree but she uses the diamonds as an ornament.

As we pass by, I noticed a lot of people looking at us.

I tug Axel's arm and said, "People are looking." But I'm pretty sure that they're all looking at Axel because I saw a few females giving him seductive smile, which he didn't give any attention at all, and some give me glares. The others looked like they are in shock. That made me worried. "Are we not invited or something? Because I can see some of them looking so shocked."

"I can assure you that they're delighted that I grace them with my presence." I frowned at his proud statement. "You don't need an invitation to be here. You only need connections and money." He supplied when he saw my face.

As I look around the room, I spotted a few famous people that I recognize. "What if somebody recognizes me?" I asked, wondering the possibilities of being caught. I've attended a few social gatherings before but I always left quickly yet discreetly after any event.

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"The first princess of Atlantria, according to my sources, is an aloof individual. She may be an obedient princess but when it comes to social gatherings, she's always the first one to go." He said factually. "Being aloof can be good too. People don't get to know you that much. The only scandal I found under your name is the stunt you did back in New York a few weeks ago."

I looked at him with round eyes. Oh my gosh! "Are you stalking me? Where did you get all that information?"

"If you paid more attention to what I'm saying, I believe I said 'according to my sources' and I wouldn't be wasting my time stalking you."

"Right," I replied. Not bothering to speak another word of retort anymore.

I must be way too ahead of myself thinking that nonsense. Why would he stalk me anyway? With just a flick of his fingers or wish-wash whatever, he can get any information he wants from his minions. I wonder how big is his mafia family. So far, the only info I got is he's a Montblac. Is that a big organization? Somehow, it sounds familiar. Where the hell did I encounter that family name? Just thinking about it gives me a headache. Did I really make the right choice? I decided to agree with him without thinking about it thoroughly.

"Are you really sure that the stone is inside this mansion? Coz I really don't know how will I able to locate it."

"You can and I'm sure of it."


"Stop asking too many questions. We're about to meet the host. " He said and he hoists me towards a couple. The guy has a big body and the blonde girl who's clinging to his arm looks anorexic. Is she even eating? My eyes landed on the guy. I'm pretty sure I've seen that face before then I remembered the photo Axel showed me. He's Alastair!

Mr. Alastair saw us and saw him smile broadly. It's not the same smile you'll see when somebody is pleasantly welcoming you. It's full of hidden agendas. I kinda want to know what he is thinking. "Ah. Will you look at that? It's very rare for you to personally attend such an event..." He said then his eyes landed on me. Standing up close to him, I can see his round blue irises giving a look of surprise when he saw me but quickly masked it with his playful smirk. "....and with a lady too." He paused then introduce himself. "I am Christopher Alastair, the host of this party."

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