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Chapter 26 ♚ Lava Cavern

It's been more than fifteen minutes since we left the open road and entered the forest. After Marshall tells us to follow him, Axel didn't put me down. Now my stomach is starting to get sore.

"Hey," I muttered. "Can you put me down?" I told him.

Axel didn't say anything, but I know he heard me. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil so I did the unimaginable.

I bit him.

Yes, like a dog or cat. I bit his back really HARD. I bet it'll leave a bruise later, but I don't care.

"FUCK!" Axel hissed. For a moment, he loses his grip on my waist and almost drop me on the ground.

"What the hell's wrong with you, woman!?" He yelled. "Do you want me to drop you on the cliff?" He scolded making me gulp.

"W-what?" Once my mind finally registers what he was saying, I look around me and my eyes rounded at the sight. He's right. There's a cliff on our right side. It's not that not visible because it was all covered with green plants and vines.

And to think he almost drop me! It'll be a certain death once I hit the ground.

"Will you guys tone it down? We're not on a field trip!" Marshall reprimanded. "They'll locate us immediately if you don't stop those immature rantings," He scolded.

I can't see Marshall's expression since he's in front and leading the path, but I'm pretty sure that he's making a scary face because he sounds angry.

"Shhh," I heard Benny say with his finger on his mouth making a shush gesture with a smile on his face.

I frowned but decided not to say anything.

"We're here," I heard Marshall announced making everyone halt. "This is the Lava Cavern,"

"Are you sure this isn't a trap?" I heard Benny asked with uneasiness. I can't see what's in front of us, but judging from Benny's facial expression, I'm pretty sure it doesn't look welcoming.

Now I'm curious.

"Can you please put me down?" I asked Axel again, but this time, a little more nicely. I was about to struggle until I felt Axel loses his grip on my waist and puts me down. I suddenly got dizzy because of the sudden change in position so I hold onto Axel's arm until I was able to regain my footing.


When I look up, I saw the eeriest looking cave in my life. There are thick vines who looks like snakes covering the mouth of the said cave and some pointed stone formations on the top. The heads of the stone look sharp and thick while the base that connects it on top of the cave looks thin and fragile. How can those skinny stems support those sharp-looking big rocks? It seems like it might fall and hit us once we walk passed it. Also, the bloody red colored soil doesn't go unnoticed.

All in all, this cave screams DANGER!

"I'm not forcing you to enter," Marshall said. "It was never my intention to bring you guys in here, but," He pause and look towards my direction. "I took an oath to protect my liege," He said before turning around and walks inside, "Follow me before they locate us,"

"Boss," Benny said.

"Go," Axel ordered which Benny obeys immediately.

Axel was about to follow Benny inside until I stop him by holding the helm of his shirt. He looks at my hand before traveling his gaze towards my face.

"I-I can hear them," I started. To be honest, it's not the physical appearance of the cave that freaks me out.

"What?" He asked confused.

A cold sweat runs down on my face before saying, "I can hear wails of agony inside,"

♚ End of Chapter 26 ♚

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