Chapter 34 - Gigantic Hot Mess

Grasping the situation that I am in, it finally dawned me that this is my end. I closed my eyes waiting for my skin to touch the hot molten lava and get incinerated, but it didn't come. With thoughts full of confusion, I opened my eyes and found myself, yet again, inside the ballroom of Atlantria Palace.

'I don't know what's with you and your fainting spiels,' A voice says in a mixture of mock and amusement.

I know that voice too well. Bravely, I turn around and come face to face with the person I see whenever I'm unconscious or facing the mirror.

'I like the look you are giving me right now. No confusion but there's still fear, but not as much,' she said with a smile.

'Why do you always appear inside my head?' I asked.

'Didn't I told you before,' she paused and walk straight towards me. When she's in front of me, I can perfectly see the uncanny rather, it was like I was looking straight through a mirror, but the differences is how her cerulean orbs holds deep secrets that has yet to be unfold.
She leaned closer until we're eye to eye. 'I am you, and you are me. We are one and the same. I exist inside your subconscious, whereas you exist outside, the consciousness,' she paused. He expression turning serious. 'As long as you exist, I will always find ways to torment you,' she finished wickedly sending chills down my spine.

I gather all my courage to respond, 'You can torment me all you want inside my subconscious, but you can never take my place,' I spat on her face, but instead of her getting angry, the wicked smile on her face widens.

She backs away and turns around, 'Very well. At least you got guts,'

As she leaves the ballroom, she said, 'As a gift,' She paused and stop by the door. 'I'll unlock a piece of your memory,' she said before closing the door.


'Hey women! Wake up!' I heard somebody says. I felt at light tap on my cheek trying to wake me up but I kept my eyes shut. It feels so heavy.

'Tasha,' I heard him, but this time I finally recognized that voice. ' -open your eyes,'

I try my hardest to open my eyes and when I did, I saw him. His black orbs staring back at me full of worry.

'Maxwell...' I said weakly. I felt his grip on my shoulder suddenly tightens. My voice was barely a whisper but judging from the emotion coming out of his face, he must've heard me. Saying that he's shock was an understatement but before I can even say something, the emotion change into indifference, the mask that he never fails to wear.

'What happened?' I asked.

'You fell,' he said impassively.

'I did?' I asked confused. Finally, I remembered that I got push off the cliff and was about to plunge deep into the lava. If I did fall, I should've been dead by now.

'Yes,' he answered.

'Ana!!!' I heard Marshall screamed. He came running towards us and kneel on my side pushing Axel away from me. 'Are you hurt somewhere?' He asked concerned as he inspect my body for a bruise or a broken bone. 'Broken bones? Burnt skin? Are you feeling okay? Say something!' He bombarded me with lots of questions which I replied with a nod while looking at him like he has grown another head.

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