Chapter 44 (part 2- Third Person POV)

Same time in Rome, Italy
Perfetti Mansion

"Thank you for accepting my invitation Mr. Montblac." The host of the party cheerfully said as he shake hands with the formidable Maxwell Montblanc. The stout man greeted him the moment he knew that he's in the vicinity.

"So as I Mr. Perfetti." Axel simply replied.

After a few exchanges of words from the host, an elegant woman wearing a black dress approaches Mr. Perfetti. "Mr. Perfetti," she called.

The host acknowledged her presence and encourage her to continue.

"The Princess of Atlantria has arrived. She's escorted by Mr. Donovan and is currently waiting for you in your study." She informs.

"Great timing!" Mr. Perfetti smiled from ear to ear. "Mr. Montblac, do you mind if I introduce you to one of my old friend's daughter? It'll be a great opportunity also to expand your social circle." He suggested.

"Thank you for the offer but I don't think it's appropriate for me to intrude especially if the Princess took the liberty of waiting for you."

"It's not a problem! Come, come! Samantha wouldn't mind that, I'm sure of it." Mr. Perfetti encourages and almost literally drags the man towards his study.

When they got inside the room, stood there inside is a woman in a sleek golden brown gown. Her blonde hair was tied in an updo hair style and her head was adorned by a little crown on top.

"Princess Samantha welcome to my humble abode!" Mr. Perfetti enthusiastically greeted.

Samantha on the other hand didn't even have a chance to respond because when Mr. Perfetti entered the room, her eyes zeroed to the person behind him.

"Of course," Mr. Perfetti observed. "This is Mr. Maxwell Montblac. He is one of my business associates." He introduced when the princess eyed the man curiously.

"I know him." The princess replied giving him an appreciative glance. She can't deny that the man in front of her is attractive. "We've seen each other a few times during some events, but this is the first time we're properly introduced."

Axel nodded his head in agreement.

"That's good to hear! At least both of you knew each other." The man said merrily.

"Thank you for having me. Unfortunately, my father couldn't come here himself due to some circumstances that cannot be delayed." The Princess politely explained.

"So I have been told. I've talked to him over the phone yesterday. I completely understand that he is busy. After all, he's ruling a country." The man replied with a small smile.

"Since you've talked to my father, I hope he told you the main reason why I am here in his place."  The princess said and eyed Axel.  "Now, down to the business. I do hope you'll mind our privacy. Can you do that for us?" The princess asked Axel.

Axel's demeanor remains passive. When the princess wanted to kick him out of the room, he calmly complied whereas Mr. Perfetti's face was white as sheet.

"But I can assure you that you can tru-," Mr. Perfetti started.

"I'll be off now." Axel interrupted.

"But Mr. Montblac,"

"I have other matters to attend Mr. Perfetti." He said to the man as he lightly tap his shoulder.  "It was nice meeting you Princess Samantha," He said calmly glancing at the Princess.

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