The First Knight

Axel shots Mr. Alastair an arctic glare that could even freeze a molten lava. I know I'm exaggerating, but that description fits the scene I'm witnessing.

The temperature suddenly drops a few Celsius below. Call me insane, but why do I get the feeling that Axel had something to do with it? I erase that thought the moment it crosses my mind. It sounds absurd and impossible.

"What a fantastic entrance! I didn't even expect this grand entrance. It's so unlike you, Mr. Montblac," Mr. Alastair said in a cheerful manner.

Axel didn't respond, but instead, he takes a step and walk into the room. "If you find my entrance to your liking, do you mind if I make an exit with your head as my ticket out?" Axel said with venom.

Oh no. He didn't just say that?

I try my best not to keep my mouth from hanging open. If he made a threat like that to Mr. Alastair, it will surely result in our own demise. It's undeniable that Mr. Alastair is taller than Axel by a few inches and with his burly body, given that Axel also has a well-built body, Mr. Alastair looks like a wrestler. His physique is way bigger than him!

I'm starting to get worried about Axel safety. I know he's also a good fighter, considering he made it in here unscathed, but by just looking at them, Mr. Alastair looks like a bully.

"You're overly confident Mr. Montblanc. Just because you wounded my guards that doesn't mean you're able to take me down." Mr. Alastair said. His face is no longer smiling.

He raised his right hand and the whole room lit up. The flash of light hurts my eyes so I close it and use my hand as a shield from the blinding light.

"I will make you regret your own actions." I heard him says and it was then followed by the sound of gunshots.

Instinctively, I drop down to the floor thinking that it will keep me from getting shot. What can a blind lady do? I'm totally defenseless on every angle you see me.

The gunshot stops. I try my hardest to open my eyes, but I'm finding it hard to do so. I can only see blurry images of guys exchanging blows. When my eyes finally adjusted to my surroundings, I saw Mr. Alastair being pinned down with a gun on his temple by Axel.  He's ready to shoot him dead.


I ran towards them. 

"Stop!" I shouted as I push Axel's arm away from Mr. Alastair and tackle him to the ground. It's not like I'm siding with Mr. Alastair, but I believe that he is not our enemy. Mr. Alastair is already giving me his ring when Axel showed up and messed everything.

Axel glared at me. "What the fuck are you doing, woman?" He snarled.

"Stop it this instance! He's not our enemy." I told him. I glance towards Mr. Alastair. He's panting heavily while trying his best to stand up. There's also blood on the side of his mouth. I find it shocking to see a big man on the floor beaten down by someone who's smaller than him and didn't even break a sweat.

Tearing my gaze from the beaten up man, I look at Axel.

"Before you showed up, he's already giving me the gemstone," I said. Taking a closer look in his eyes, I noticed that they are no longer charcoal black. There's a faint color of blue in it. It reminds me of the color of the gemstone.

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