Chapter 24♚The Water Attribute Gemstone

As if my feet has a mind of its own, I immediately run towards him regardless of what might happen. "Axel!" I screamed.

For a moment, I thought that he didn't got shot because he didn't seem hurt but when I'm finally standing next to him, I gasp at the sight. There's a red liquid soaking his right sleeve.

Bloody hell! He got shot!

Like a deja vu, I repeat the same words I told him when we're in Las Vegas. "Axel, you're bleeding!" I shouted.

I immediately fish out a long handkerchief from my pocket. With shaky hands, I was about to cover the wound, but stop when he told me something. "Get away from me," He said in a low voice. Like an old computer, it slowly processes in my mind until I'm able to comprehend his words.

My hand stops midway to his shoulder. I look up and meet his eyes, but froze when I saw two orbs looking at me furiously. 'He's mad but why?' I asked myself.

"But-" I started, but he cut me off by saying, "I don't need your help," and shove my hand away from him. His words stab me like a knife. I retract my hand in defeat and step backwards. He doesn't need my help.

"That's what happens when you don't follow my orders," Said the man who shots Axel and the people behind him just laughs.

Axel, who's on my side, regard them coldly. "Aquae quae sunt supra," He whispers.

'What's that language?' I ask myself. Even though he's only mumbling, I can hear them loud and clear. It's echoing inside my head like a mantra.

What's going on?

Suddenly, the sounds of rumbling thunder echoed throughout the place and then it starts raining. My clothes start to get soak from the rain. I shiver as I felt the cold air touch my skin.

"The forecast didn't say anything about raining today," Said the man with a bulky body.

"It's just a damn rain. Don't be such a wuss," Said the man who's holding a gun.

"But clothes are getting wet," The man complains earning a smack in the head from his friend. "You fool!"

While the guys are getting busy arguing with themselves, they didn't realize that the rain finally stops but what comes after stunned me.

Like crystal orbs that sparkle, the water droplets remain suspended in the air. It surrounded all of us like fireflies in the dark. It was like magic. The two man finally stops arguing. They must've seen this phenomenon unfold in front of their eyes and is shock beyond belief. Same goes for Benny. He is looking at the orbs with his mouth hanging open.

My eyes landed on Axel. "What did you do?" I ask him. I know he's responsible for all of this because it started raining after he whispered some weird language earlier.

Axel didn't answer my question and remained silent.

"What the hell are those?" The man said clearly confused as he looks around his surroundings.

"No, no..." The man with a hidden face says. "It can't be. You're one of them," He stated.

One of them? What does he mean by that?

Axel takes a step forward. The small water orbs move and gather around Axels body. It swirls around him like magical pixies I've seen in fairy tales. It's beautiful, but I can't help but feel uneasy because everything that is happening in front of me right now is beyond reality. It's impossible!

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