"Maxwell Vermont Montblac," Corvus started.

"Son of Viktor Tepes Hagedorn Montblac, the former holder of the blue gemstone. Commited treason by trying to assassinate the royal family and the very same man who founded the organization who tried to overthrow the government of Atlantria..." He paused. "An organization we now call...the CROWS."

Chapter 31 - Betrayal


The sudden flash of lightning followed by a loud sound of thunder echoed as I ran deep into the forest. It startled me but, nonetheless, it didn't stop me from running. The continuous sound of explosion coming from the mansion stopped me from my tracks.

"No," I said as fear for his safety filled my thoughts.

I turn my head towards its direction and my eyes rounded at the sight. The majestic mansion that I considered my home for years are now in a sea of crimson flames.

'Go!' A voice inside my head suddenly says breaking me from my trail of thoughts. It didn't took me a second to know it was him. 'Don't you dare look back. I can handle this,' He added sharply.

Reluctantly, I followed his wish and turn around. With a heavy heart I said, 'Don't you dare break your promise,' before blocking him from my thoughts and started running once again. The last thing he needed is a distraction.

Another flash of lightning strikes and it was then followed by the rain pouring. It shrouded my path in darkness making it hard for me navigate the area. The muddy ground didn't also help for I am struggling just to keep my balance over the stiff parts of the forest.

'I have to get there,' I said at the back of my mind.

Deep into the forest, there's a big old tree which we considered as our haven, a place for us where we can escape from the thing they call reality. That's where he and I usually hang out on certain days whenever that man was out of the mansion.

After passing by several tress and bushes, a familiar old staircase covered in grass and moss enters my line of vision.

'Almost there!'

I rush towards it and climb upstairs. Despite the heavy rainfall, I manage to make it at the top quickly without slipping.

Panting heavily, I look up. It was dark and the whole place is not what it usually looks like. The tree in the middle does not have its usual glow. It used to be vibrant with cascading colors of yellow, blue, green and orange because of the firelies looming and glowing but now, as if it was empathizing with me, it looks lifeless. The whole place is filled with gloom and sorrow.

I slowly take a step forward. Under the tree, there's a cave entrance. I tried to approach it but I stop on my tracks when I saw two glowing golden brown orbs looking at me. It didn't took me a second to realize that they were eyes. The slits from those orbs didn't also go unnoticed. I heard a faint growl coming from it but Instead of being scared out of my wits, I just stood there frozen on my spot.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from my back. Thinking that it was him, I turn around but saw a different person.

The moment my eyes meet his, I completely went numb. I felt the blood drain from my face but I keep my cool. I don't want to show him that I feel threatened by his presence.

"What's with that face? It looks like you're not happy to see me," He said as he take a step towards me and stop a meter away.

I didn't give him a response and continue to look at him blankly. I need to buy some time. I just need to stay here and wait till he comes back.

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