Chapter 38 - The Green Gemstone

'You're so beautiful,' A young gentleman named Frederick Klaus confessed to a young lady.

Katherine huffed lightly. They're not very far from her to not overhear their conversation. He can swoon all the girls he wanted to impress and she knew better not to get herself involve with him for nothing that comes out of that man's mouth is sincere. Yesterday, she saw him romancing the duke's daughter and now, he's targeting the neighboring country's princess.

When Frederick saw her glaring at him, he instantly smiled. He said something to his companion making the lady giggle before he made his way towards her.

Katherine raised her left brow when she saw him coming.

What does he want this time? I sighed inwardly.

'Good day, your grace,' Frederick greeted happily. ' I believe that it's a great day today. May I know why you are sporting a glare on my direction? Did I do something that upsets you?' He asks mockingly. He knew very well why Katherine is glaring at him. Every time they meet, she always glares at him. He always wonder why she always disapprove of his womanizing acts but never confronted the young woman. Ever since day one, they always bicker at any chances they get and today is not an exemption.

'Just showing your face in front of me is enough to ruin my day, so please do me a favor and turn to the opposite direction,' she said as she dismiss the young man, but instead of leaving, he stood right in front of her and leaned forward.

Katherine felt suddenly awkward by their proximity, but didn't move from where she is standing. The last thing she wanted to happen is for him to think that his actions has an effect on her.

'What do you want Klaus?' Katherine asked coldly.

'Ah....cold as ice,' Frederick commented with a smile still plastered on his face regardless of the treatment he is recieving from the icy woman in front of him.

'If you don't have anything good to say, just leave,' She said flatly keeping a straight face.

He leaned forward once more and whispered something on Katerine's right ear, 'Mark my words, there will be a day that you'll say otherwise,'

His words catch Katherine off guard. Seeing her flustered face, Klaus laughed.

'Didn't expect you to show me this kind of side,' he commented with amusement before he left Katherine watch his retreating figure.


Opening my eyes, I suddenly woke up from my long nap. I remembered just a while ago, after we rode a place back in France I was completely out of commision.

After studying my surroundings, I concluded that I'm inside Montblanc's Manor in Paris and the big question is, who brought me inside this room?

I decided to get off the bed when a wave of headache shot me and took me out of balance.

Thankfully, before I landed on the floor, I was able to hold the nightstand for support.

Close call...

I shut my eyes close and massage my temples, thinking that it will relieve the throbing pain.

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