♚ Chapter 8 ♚

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City Of Love

When I was young, I remembered telling someone that I want to ride a flying car just like what I saw in Harry Potter. Now that I'm inside this beetle flying off the building, I don't think I find it very appealing anymore.


It's because...

"We're falling!" I screeched as Axel just sat on his seat while I'm panicking.

I close my eyes as I wait for my final breath.

"Don't close your eyes, woman. We're still not yet done."

"What the hel-"

Our beetle suddenly reach something solid below. It was a truck. The anding didn't put so much strain in our car because it became our cushion.

"Drive!" Axel commanded and I willingly obliged.

I quickly step on to the gas and our beetle once again soar downward until we reached the solid ground.

I looked at my ruined side mirror and saw the building we're previously in.

"Thank heavens it was only third floor!"


We heard another loud explosion coming from the back. I saw from the side mirror that it was from the casino we were previously in.

"I can't believe you just blow up that place," I said shocked.

"Just shut up and drive," He said but there's something strange in his voice. I can't really tell because I'm busy driving.

"Hey. Are you alright?" I asked concerned. Even though he is somewhat a douche I can't ignore this.

I waited for his reply but I heard nothing.

This time, I patted him on his shoulder but felt something wet. When I had the chance to look at my hand, I gasp. I saw red, it was his blood.

I quickly stopped the car and face him. He looks worn out and I took that as an opportunity to open his coat. My eye rounded like saucers when I saw blood staining his white clothes.

"Axel you're bleeding!"

"I don't care. Let's go."

"But we need to stop the bleeding."

"Just drive!"

I tried to calm myself. I'm in front of a stubborn fellow who doesn't listened to others.

I ripped a part of my shirt.

"Woman, what the hell are you doing?"

"Oh will you just shut up and let me handle this?"

I put pressure on his shoulder and tie the cloth to temporarily stop the bleeding. It surprises me that he didn't wince, not even once when I was doing my job.

"Now drive!"

"Alright alright!"

I reluctantly started the engine and continue to drive away from this place.

"But still, we need to properly attend that wound." I reminded him and he just shrugged.

I sighed.

"Where are we headed now?" I asked.

"Head north. We're meeting Mason at the airport."

Airport? I just remembered my flight. I can still make it if I manage to get there fast. Once I got there we'll go part ways and my problems will be solve. Poof no more Axel and his mafia antics or whatever it is.

"Why the hell are you smiling?" Axel asked with squinted brows.

I didn't noticed that I was smiling.

"Oh nothing. Nothing."

When we arrived at the airport I saw Mason standing next to a black porche and park my car next to him.

"Rough ride?" Mason asked Axel while grinning.

"Um...Mason he got hit. We need to get him to the hospital."

Mason ignored my suggestion and handed Axel a new black coat.

"He'll live, love. Don't worry."

"Let's go." Axel says.

"Wait! But your shoulder-"

"Let's go." Axel says with finality.

I look at Mason at he just shrugged.

"I'll go first." Mason said and left.

Now, it was just me and Axel.

"Alright. Thanks for everything. I-ill just take my leave." I should get going. I don't want to bother them anymore and I'll miss my flight.

A hand stopped me when I was about to take my turn to leave.

"And where do you think you're going?" He asked.

"Err. I still got a flight to catch?"

"Yes, yes indeed."

"And I'm going to Japan?" I added.

"I think you're wrong about that because you're coming with me."

Even before his words sink in to my very thick skull, my world turn upside down.

I shriek. I probably sound like a banshee, but I can't help it. "Put me down! Where are you taking me?"

I was being drag like a sack on his shoulder.

"Not a chance. You're coming with me to Paris."

My face automatically paled and my body frozed.

"Don't worry Tasha. As long you're with me. They won't find you."


End of Chapter 8

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