♚ Chapter 15♚

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My Kind of Trouble

The huge wall close trapping both Axel and I inside. I tried to push it just in case it will open but it didn't even budge. Moments later, the place starts to lit up revealing a wide hallway with a white tiled floor and metallic looking walls.

I remove my shades since our path is already well lit. I turn to Axel and my eyes squinted when I notice his dark irises. He doesn't seem to be wearing contact lenses than I thought.

"Do you have a night vision or something?" I ask him curiously.

Instead of giving me an answer, he just shrugs and starts walking away leaving me wondering. Now, it's a real mystery to me how the hell he was able to run in a dark hallway full of guards without even bumping into one of them.

"Do you want me to carry you like a sack for you to start moving?" I heard him ask with an irritated tone.

My eyes land on his direction and saw him far ahead already. When he's starting to walk again, I run as fast as I can towards him. I don't want to get left behind in this creepy place. It reminds me of some secret laboratories I saw in the movies. Imagining the horrifying human experimentations made me cringe.

"Wait!" I shouted as I speed walk trying to keep up with his pace. He's walking so fast!

We've been walking for minutes now but it seems like this path is unending. My stamina can't keep up! I wanted to do a happy dance when he abruptly stops from walking but unfortunately, I'm already out of breath. I lean on the wall for support while panting heavily.

"You-" I started trying to catch my breath. "Are you running a marathon? Can you please slow down." I said in between breaths. And as usual, the Axel that I knew for approximately one day, didn't respond and just stood still. His eyes are focused on the empty hallway ahead.

I followed his line of vision and saw something that made my spirit lit up. Not far from where we're standing is a huge door. Finally, we've found a way out!

"The exit!" I cheered.

I started to walk towards it but only to get pulled back by Axel.

"Hey, that actually hurts," I said rubbing the arm he just grabbed.

"Don't approach it carelessly or you'll get cut in half." He warned.

I look at him with wide eyes. "You've got to be kidding me," I said in disbelief. It looks like any other path we just passed by. It looks harmless to me.

I realized that I said the last phrase out loud when Axel said, "That's why it's a trap. You need to make it look harmless to lure people in." He paused. His hand made its way towards my head. Being the silly me, I was unable to comprehend his sudden gesture until I felt a slight pain in my skull.

How dare he!

'He didn't just pull a strand of my hair!' I screamed at the back of my mind trying to convince myself that he didn't pull my freaking hair but sadly... the reality is just the opposite.

"There are lasers installed around the door and if you carelessly approach it..." He walks a little bit further and stops. He blew the strand of my hair towards the empty hallway and suddenly, as if it got caught in something, it got cut and burned leaving only a small smoke in the air. "You will get cut." He warned giving me a blank look.

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