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Chapter 33 - Clearer

As we walk deeper into the cave, I noticed the changes in my breathing pattern. It became labored. I believe that it has something to do with the oxygen levels in this parts of the cave. After all, we're inside a volcanic cavern.

I glance at Axel and Marshall. They didn't seem to mind that we're running out of oxygen. With a stoic look on their faces, they just continue to walk effortlessly.

Suddenly, Marshall stops.


Panting heavily, I heard Marshall announced, "This is the dragon's den,"

A dragon? Does that mythological creature even exist?

Looking back, what Axel did with the swirling water orbs didn't even sound realistic to me. If I wasn't there to witness it, I wouldn't even consider it as real.

When I look up, I saw a monstrous figure of a dragon in the middle of an island-like pile of stones. It was surrounded by molten lava that's coming from deep inside this volcano. For a moment, I thought it was real, but after studying it for a few seconds, I figured out that it was just a statue.

Who on earth would build a humongous dragon statue inside a bloody volcano?

"Get that thing off already and move along. We don't have much time dwelling in this god forsaken room," Axel said irately earning our attention.

He may be rude but he's right. We shouldn't stay here. The smoke inside this room is toxic to human beings. If we stay a little while longer, we will surely get suffocated.

"Fine, fine..." I heard Marshall uttered with a scowl before started walking towards the statue. He stops on the edge of the rock near the head of the dragon statue. Before he could even start what he is about to do, a voice suddenly interrupted.

"Itigil mo yan! Bakit kayo nandirito? Mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ni Covus ang mga tao na tumungtong sa loob ng pasilyong ito," (Stop! Why are you here? Corvus' strict orders are not to let people inside this chamber) she said venomously.

As if Marshall could understand the language, he turns to the owner of the voice and replied with the same language fluently, "Wala ka sa posisyon para sabihin sa akin iyan, Maiah," (You're in no position to tell me that, Maiah)

Axel and I both turn our heads to see the person whom Marshall refer to as Maiah. Standing in the corner, we saw a woman with a long straight black hair and brown complexion like Benny and Berto.

"Isa kang taksil!" (You're a traitor!) She hollers. Suddenly, a group of masked men wearing ninja suits emerges from behind her.

"Are we on a costume party or something?" I mumbled but it's loud enough for Axel to hear.

My eyes widens when I saw them unleashed their swords.

"Hulihin sila!" (Capture them!) Maiah ordered. They dash towards Marshall and start attacking him with their weapon.

I immediately approached Axel's side when some of them turns in our direction.

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