Chapter 8 - 20 Questions with Pierce The Veil

When we arrived at the resturaunt we were quickly seated.

"Can i start you off with some drinks?" Our (very attractive) waiter asked.

"I'll have iced tea please." I said quietly.

"We'll all have beer. Except for him cause he's driving." He said pointing at the boys and singling out Jaime.

"eh. Iced tea. Why the hell not."

" I need to see some ID from you 3 first." The boys pulled out their ID's and the waiter left with a wink in my direction.

I looked at the boys to see them all glaring at the waiters back.

Jaime was across from me Vic beside Jaime and Mike beside him and Tony beside me in our little booth.

"Guys, calm down. He's not even that cute."

Jaime smirked at that but Vic and Mike kept glaring at him.

I looked at Tony as i raised my menu to cover my face. We both rolled our eyes and i looked at the menu.

ooo.. burgers.. with bacon!

The waiter came back 10 minutes later with our drinks. we all took our drinks adn thanked him.

"You 5 know what you want to order?"

The boys all nodded adn they looked at me.

"you know what you want, Andy?" Vic asked.

WE all ordered burgers except for tony. The waiter didn't take his eyes off of me the whole time he was at our table. He took our menus and walked away.

"i swear to god, if eh loks at you like that one moer-"

"Vic, calm down." Mike said cutting vic off before he could threaten the poor boy.

the boys began talking about a tour they'd be going on in the spring. that was less than a month.

Great. that meant I'd be alone for however long they'd be gone. lovely.

Jaime kicked my shin softly under the table. i looked up at him and he smiled. i smiled and tangled my leg with his which made him smile even brighter.

'You okay?' he mouthed.

I nodded my head and Mike suddenly said,

"I have to go to the bathroom. Vic, Tony, so do you."

"Wha- but i don-" Tony stuttered

"Yes, you do." Vic said

Tony looked confused but got up. they began their journey to the bathroom and Vic pulled out his phone. Seconds later, Jaime's phone beeped. He looked at it and smiled shaking his head.

"Crazy mexican" he mumbled.

i laughed a bit but stayed quiet as i was feeling a bit awkward seeig as the event that nearly happened earlier was replaying in mt head.

"can i ask you something?"

"okay..." i trailed off.

"Do you want to go on a date with me tomorrow night?"

"Why?" i asked stupidly

"Because i like you. Alot."

"But why? I'm so-"

"Everything i look for in a girl and maybe a bit more."

"Well if you insist!" i said sarcastically slightly ruinjng the moment.

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