Teeny weeny bit of Talexandra Feels ahead!

Chapter title from the song Sure As Hell by Tonight Alive.

Chapter 36 – And I Sure As Hell Meant All of It

The boys had come home a few hours after I’d woken up. It was about 6 pm and we were outside in the backyard just goofing around. The boys were playing soccer and I was sitting by the back door watching and drinking some lemonade.

After a while, they all went inside to grab something to drink except for Vic. He stayed outside with me.

“So Danielle told me something earlier.” He said sitting down next to me.

“Oh?” I said taking a sip of my drink.

“She told me who you like.”

That ended with me choking on my drink.

Once I regained my composure I said,

“Don’t kill me. Or him.”

“Why would I? Personally, I think you should go for it. I’m pretty sure he likes you too.”

“You’re joking.” I said it as more of a statement than a question.

“No I actually do think he likes you. I give you my full permission.”

“What about Mike?”

“He says go for it.” Vic grinned.

“You guys would really be okay with that?”

“Yeah. Why not? I know it’s not going to end the way you and Jaime did.”

“Does Tony know I like him?”

“He doesn’t. But I still think he likes you.”

I leaned my head back and groaned.

“Go away.”  I said just as the rest of his bandmates walked back outside.

“So sassy.” Mike mumbled and I hit his leg.

They continued to play their game for a while longer until my phone rang.

“Hello?” I said into my phone

“Guess who got you a job interview at Hot Topic? That’s right, your fabulous best friend!” Colten yelled happily.

“Aww! Tay got me a job interview? How sweet of her!”

“No, you asshole. It was me. I’m also outside your house. LET ME IN!” His voice echoed through the phone as I could hear him in the front yard as well.

“WE’RE IN THE BACK YARD!” I yelled back. I hung up on him and leaned back on my hands, basking in the sunlight.

Before I knew what was happening, 2 boys were jumping over the fence and landing without grace.

Taylor and Colten came and sat down beside me.

“Yeah, you have a job interview at Hot Topic on Tuesday.” Taylor said

“Thanks for the heads up.” I laughed

Within 10 minutes Taylor and I were in the process of a heated game of rock-paper-scissors.

He beat me for about the 7th time and I slapped his cheek lightly, this resulted in us wrestling.

“Alright, break it up.” Vic said

“Don’t hurt the pretty girl, Taylor.” Tony said.

I shoved Taylor off of me, and pinned him down.

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