Chapter title is from the song, Love Me like You Used Too by You Me At Six.

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Chapter 37 – Nice Guys Finish Last, I Take Pride in That

It had been about a week since the whole Titanic incident. I’d had my interview at Hot Topic on the Tuesday but hadn’t received a phone call yet. I really hoped I got the job. The Unknown boys and I would be going into a studio tomorrow to work on our first EP. It was going to be called Breakdown. We would be getting the pleasure of working with Alex Gaskarth and John Feldman on our EP. This was really exciting and I felt like we were finally going somewhere. We weren’t on a record label or anything; we were just doing a self-released EP which kind of made everything way more exciting than it already was.

“So are you finally going to do a studio version of Sunsets Without You?” Kellin asked over the phone as I leaned down looing through the fridge.

“Probably. Depends.” I said as I moved tonight’s dinner and grabbed the box that contained left over pizza. I set the box on the counter and Kellin said,

“Depends? On what?”

“It depends on if I’m mentally stable enough to belt that one out. I might not be able to do it.”

“If Tay could do Windows In Heaven, you can do Sunsets Without You.” Kellin said, sass dripping from his voice.

“No need for the sass, young man.” I responded, using the big sister voice on him.

Very rarely did I have to use the big sister voice on him as he was more of a big sibling than I’d ever been.

“Sorry. So I hear you guys are considering covering Remembering Sunday by All Time Low. I think your voice would sound really good on that song, so you should do it! And you said you’re writing with Alex, right?” Kellin said.

“Yeah. What are you getting at?”

“Get him to sing Juliet’s part and that would just be vocal magic!” He said excitedly.

I laughed and said, “We’ll see. We were actually thinking of putting at least one cover on the album. We’re thinking either Playing God by Paramore or Lonely Girl or The Edge by Tonight Alive.”

“I definitely think you guys should put one of the Tonight Alive songs on there. Probably The Edge. It seems to suit your voice better.”

“You think so?” I said finally grabbing a slice of pizza and taking a bite.

“I mean, you sound just like Jenna, but that seems to be easier for you to sing. At least it did on your guys’ acoustic cover. That was beautiful by the way. I get chills every time you sing and it’s like, yeah, that’s my big sister!”

I laughed and said,

“How sweet, Anyways Kellin, I’m getting a really dirty look from Tony so I’m going to let you go.”

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