Chapter title is from the song Lights Out by WATIC and uhh…. Welp… my light in my room is out so I feel it’s fitting for my current situation. If only the lyric was “Lights out, McKenzie” ‘cause … yeah… nevermind! I TRIED TO BE FUNNY! I’M SORRY!! Also Wattpad finally let me change the cast. SO YAAYY!

Chapter 26 – Lights Out Poughkeepsie

I’d spent the day with My band mates and Josh and enjoyed every freaking second of it. I’d really missed them.

“There’s a guy behind you!” Colten yelled at Tay while they played a video game that I couldn’t remember the name of.

“Got him!” They continued playing and my phone started ringing.

“I’m bringing sexy back! Ye-“ I answered my phone really quickly aftr fumbling with it because that was a really embarrassing ringtone.

“I never changed my ringtone after you set it 2 years ago… I hate you so much.”

“Love you too. When are you coming home?” Trey asked. 

“I’ll be home in a few minutes.” I said hanging up.

“I got to go guys. I love you all!” I said dramatically before standing up.

I went to the door and slipped on my shoes.

“WE LOVE YOU!!” All 4 boys yelled.

“I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO!!” I yelled before I walked outside.

We never really had heart felt goodbyes because they hurt my heart.

Feelings, yo!

I put in my headphones and listened to the first You Me At Six song I had ever heard; Liquid Confidence.

Kendra had actually gotten me into them which really angered me sometimes but they were great so who could blame me for liking them.

I decided to run home because it was dark and creepy.

When I got home, Trey looked at me like I was crazy.

“It’s dark out.” I said breathlessly.

He burst out laughing and cameover ot me.

“We’re going out for dinner because this house is lacking food.”

“What do you expect? Nobody has lived here for at least 6 months.”

“That’s true. But we’re still going out to eat.”

“Where are we going?”

“I was thinking Frankie’s.”

Frankie’s was a small restaurant that was about a 20 minute drive from the house. It was also where Kellin was working.

(AN: I highly doubt there’s a restaurant called Frankie’s in Manhattan New York that is purely made up.)

“Just let me change into something a little nicer.” I said kicking off my shoes.

“Why? I think you look cute.” Trey said.

“I don’t think I look cute, therefore, I’m changing.”

“Fine! Don’t listen to one of your best friends!”

“When have I ever listened to you?” I said as I mounted the stairs and went to Kellin’s room.

“Nevermind, you’re right.”

I laughed and quickly changed my shirt. I just put on a plain black long sleeved shirt and then put my Green Day hoodie back on over it. Instead of wearing my purple Vans which were no longer in very good condition, I put on my red Vans that I had left here when I’d moved.

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