Heey hey hey! So how’d you like chapter 19? Okay I actually do not know what is up with Tony. I haven’t really decided yet. Just thought you should know. Also I don’t really know what to put here. Anyways here… have chapter 20. Chapter title is from the song Audience Of One by Rise Against off of their album Appeal To Reason. Enjoy! Oh and if you have yet to notice Alexandra calls Taylor Tay sometimes. Just FYI

Chapter 20 - The surface shines while the inside rots

We’d been on tour with Pierce The Veil for 2 weeks and we were now in Chicago Illinois.

Tony had been acting weird since the incident in Atlanta. Jaime still wouldn’t look at me or acknowledge my existence and Mike was still acting like nothing had happened. Stephanie had cheated on Tony more than once so they’d broken up. Tony didn’t seem upset at all, he just kept acting the way he had been in Charlotte.

The Unknown had played a few acoustic shows and we were stoked to be playing another show tonight across the street from Congress Theatre where the boys would be playing. 

We were just playing in a small little bar much like Tay’s cousins.

“so, when do you think we should start looking for a replacement for Kendra?” Taylor asked as him Colten and I sat outside of our van on the cold cement and played a few songs.

Colten and I were tuning our guitars so we could play properly.

“I don’t know when we get back to New York maybe.” Colten said

“Guys, how are we going to keep the band up with me living in San Diego and you guys all the way in New York?” I asked

“I don’t know. I only have a little bit left of school. I took all my final tests before I left so I’d be able to graduate. I graduate on the 20th.”

“Of May?”


“That’s in like… 2 weeks.”

“Pretty much. Kellin said he’s going to be there because of Sophie but you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” Colten said just as his phone started ringing out Prom Night by Snow Whites Poison Bite.

He accidently hit speaker and a deep-ish voice came through his phone.

“Hey babe!”

He quickly turned off speaker and fumbled with his phone.

“Hey!” He said awkwardly.

Tay and I looked at each other and each raised an eyebrow. We slowly and creepily turned our heads towards Colten and he started laughing nervously.

“It’s going good. We play another acoustic show tonight… Yeah…. You’re kidding?!”

“Who are you talking to?” Tay asked wiggling his eyebrows

“I’m not even that cute!” Colten screamed covering his face.

Tay and I sat in front of Colten and wiggled our eyebrows as he spoke to the person on the other end of the phone. 

He hit speaker and the voice said,

“I miss you, baby. I just want to hug you. We have the quarter finals tonight and then if we make it we have the finals on Tuesday. These are the 2 biggest games of the season. Last time the school football team got this far was-“

“5 years ago” I finished for the unknown guy

“Yeah. Wait who said that?”

“That was my band mate, Alexandra” Colten said

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