Okay, this is about to get confusing. INCEPTION TIME!

Chapter 3 - "True or False; Vic And Mike Fuentes are my brothers?"

I Shot straight up in my bed and was suddenly over come with the events of my dream. My head began to spin and I layed back down as I remembered the whole entire dream. That would be SO COOL! it was this insane dream that on the day after my 19th birthday my mom told me that Vic and Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil were my brothers and then they showed up to my house and told me all this stuff and OHMYGOSH! it was so amazing....

I sat up again and looked at my clock that sat on my bedside table. It was 7:00 am. I had to leave or work in 10 minutes.

crap....and then.. Once again I sat straight up in my bed... Did I just have a dream inside of a dream? IS THIS A DREAM TOO?!

I decided it was time to wake up for good...

I rolled over and the next thing I knew I was on the floor holding my elbow in pain. I looked at my clock and noticed it was 11:59am on a Sunday. Now I'm dreaming about work... I don't even work on sundays... OHMYGOSH! It's Sunday! It's my freaking birthday! Ladies and Gentlemen I am now officially 19!

I Stood up and went over to my mirror. I grabbed my comb off my table and ran it through my hair quickly.

I put my comb back on my table and ran downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen all I could smell was bacon... Mmmm.... Bacon...

I Saw my mother standing in front of the stove in her PJ pants and t shirt.

My stepfather was sitting at the table reading the morning paper and drinking coffee. I had never really liked my step dad. Probably because he had been abusing me since I was 3. I never actually met my real father. I wasn't even planned in fact.

But I'll save the sob story for later.

"Hey mom!" I said.

Jack just glared at me.

"Hey sweetie? Got any plans for your big day?"

"Big day?" I questioned

"Did you forget your own birthday?"

Apparently in the time it had taken me to go downstairs I had forgotten about my birthday.. WHOOPS!

(AN: BAAH! SHE FORGOT HER OWN BIRTHDAY! wait... I've done that before."

"Mom! I have no friends! no friends, means no plans."

"Who would want to be friends with you?" I heard Jack whisper.

I flipped him off and ignored him.

my mom smacked my arm and I couldn't help but yell,


She laughed and said,

"Okay, Well Jacks leaving soon and then I have to tell you something."

Jack got up and I noticed he was all ready to go.

"Bye Jack!" I said happily.

He glared at me and I squeaked.


He left an my mom said,

"Where's the bruise?"

I lifted the side of my shirt to show a bruise on my hip the size of 4 fists.

"that's just what's showing..." I muttered.

"When did this happen?"

"Yesterday when I got home from work."

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