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Good times and tan lines  by CTH_HD
Good times and tan lines by CTH_HD
Malie Grace was a 16 year old girl looking for a summer job to occupy her over the summer. When she meets a boy named Colten James, she doesn't even realize what an adve...
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  • lovestory
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Love Story by BlueSprinkelUnicorns
Love Storyby Sophie
When 15 year old Jamie starts a new school she never thought she would meet her best friend. Through out Jamie's third year of high school things between her and her bes...
  • colten
  • love
  • rommnce
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Taking What's His (OH) by White_Tigress
Taking What's His (OH)by V
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anne's POV " Wake up, Anne Wake up", my little brother shout. " Okay. No need to yell, Chris."...
  • romance
  • anne
  • love
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B l o o d by Nyriko
B l o o dby Nyriko
Claire, Her family died when she was 6, by men so mean and ruthless. The on the day before her birthday she was kidnapped by a guy named Colten..Read to find out what h...
  • blood
  • claire
  • colten
Definitely, not the good ones by finnywolfhardlove
Definitely, not the good onesby Finnnywolfhardmylove
Él hace todo lo que no es debido Ella ya lo paso por eso Él no quiere ayuda Ella quiere ayudarlo Él no puede controlarse Ella ya lo hace Lo único que tienen en común es...
  • dificultades
  • teen
  • odio
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Stupid Love (Colten x furry!cat!Reader) by Justiiffy
Stupid Love (Colten x furry!cat! Little Instigator
"My love is stupid, but I can't hold it back" And it was true, he couldn't. He loved me. Justine, of all people. Me. He was just so cute, with his messy blonde...
  • straight
  • cats
  • clawson
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This Love by smileyyr5
This Loveby smileyyr5
Riley was a normal 19 year old. She had a crush on the cutest guy she had ever seen. He was her best friends brother. Riley had a crush on him since the first grade and...
  • colten
  • drama
  • funny
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waves by RosySA101
wavesby RosySA101
Just a disclaimer before you read this story it's very cliche, extremely cliche. so I apologise in advance.this piece I have written is a story of love tradgedy and happ...
  • storyoflove
  • readatyourownrisk
  • waves
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Officer Daddy by victoria830452
Officer Daddyby victoria830452
In foster care her whole life, running from a mad man and a new mom to a 5 year old boy, Eden Waters has no job, house, or money. She is out of options and on the run wi...
  • love
  • heros
  • baby
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The Kidnapping by Kayly820
The Kidnappingby Kayly820
When Ryleigh and her best friend Trianna get kidnapped, they don't know when they will ever see anyone familiar again. But when one of the kidnappers falls in love with...
  • away
  • nightmare
  • colten
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It's Random! by Kayly820
It's Random!by Kayly820
  • trianna
  • beating
  • kidnapping
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Dangerouse Love by SatansFurchild
Dangerouse Loveby SatansChild
Jasper a bad boy of his town he was not only a badass but a drug dealer (secretly of course) to take care of his boyfriend and help pay bills he gos out selling drugs on...
  • yaoi
  • jasper
  • lovestory
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Can you see the power by lovelydogyay
Can you see the powerby lovelydogyay
Shyla was a 16 year old girl who thought she had no were in the world were she Fited In but she did she was diffrent she was half human and half witch and that Made her...
  • friends
  • werewolf
  • human
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Love and Die ON HOLD by AngelKnightxx
Love and Die ON HOLDby Lulu
*I'm still working on this, I'm just not sure if I want to put this online considering its not a priority for me right now and I want to have the series officially publi...
  • angels
  • school
  • reincarnation
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I can't fall in Love with him. by yvonnefajardo
I can't fall in Love with yvonnefajardo
Tiffany Rose just turned 14 starting a new school year at Condor High. She is very nervous for her Freshman year , her older brother is always staying up late doing his...
  • romance
  • colten
  • drama
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The Unexpected by NerdBookWorm
The Unexpectedby Ella♡
Aspen Jackson, your average teenage nerd. Who love's her bestfriend, who is also her twin sister, Abri's, boyfriend. Aspen thinks no one will ever, ever love her. But w...
  • chris
  • love
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idk wat to call this :/ by Ashawesomesause
idk wat to call this :/by Ash
  • david
  • finn
  • awesomesause
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