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Chapter 2 - "Hit the road Babes..."

"so what made you decide that you wanted to meet her...?"

THEY KNEW?! huh, so they knew all along...

"well, I'm not sure... but I guess it was just that everything we heard about her in the past 18 years has made her sound so much like Kellin and you know how much we love Kellin. so We kind of wanted to meet her. And I'm glad we did. especially now that she's going to be living with us." Mike said

"You knew about me my whole life but never did anything about it?! WHAT HE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU PEOPLE?!"

I could see the slight fear in Vic an Mike's eyes.

"we're sorry Alexandra. we didn't even know that dad was having an affair. when we found out, we wanted to meet you then, but your mom wouldn't let us. i'm not sure why." Vic responded

"forget it. it's fine. it's in the past. we can't change it."

"No. you're right. but i am sorry. can i ask you something though?" vic asked

"uhm.. you just did. i'm kidding. sure what's up?"

"are you bipolar or something?"

"uhm.. yeah."

"oh. okay. Well this'll be fun!"

"be nice!" I squealed.

"like hell I'll be nice!" Vic squaked back at me.

"Now Victor...."

"Shut up Mike!"

"Well, I see this is a sibling thing, so i'm just going to go into the kitchen." I said getting up and walking out.

"Honey, Why don't you go finish packing?" My mom asked me when I walked in.

"Can I call Colten? Let him know i'm leaving..."

"Yeah, sure thing sweetheart."

And with that, I ran up the stairs into my room.

I flopped down on my bed. I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed Colten's number. He didn't answer and it went to voice mail. I didn't bother leaving a message and just hung up. I threw my phone across the room and sighed. Then His ringtone started playing out of my phone.

"Hello?" I said pickingit up off the floor.

"Hey babes! Sorry I didn't answer. Blake was being a dick."

"Oh. It's fine. I have something to tell you..."

"What?" he asked slightly worried.

"I'm moving."

"Where?" he was sad now. That was obvious.

"I can't remember. But i'm moving in with my brothers."

"Wait! Why'd you put a plural on 'Brothers'?"

"Vic and Mike Fuentes are my brothers apparently... I didn't know until today when my mom told me. I'm moving in with them."

"VIC AND MIKE FUENTES?! Are they at your house right now?!"

"Uhm, yeah?"

"I'm coming over." He said then hung up the phone.


I ran back downstairs and looked at Vic and Mike.

"My friend heard that you 2 are here and is now on his way over. If you want I can tell him not to come..."

"No it's fine." Vic said.

"Okay. He's really loud and weird. Just warning you. He's also my best friend so if he starts crying over the fact that I'm leaving, don't blame him..."

Just as I finished the front door opened and Colten bursted through the door.

"Come on in!" I said sarcastically.

"DON'T LEAVE ME!" He screamed wrapping his arms around me in a big bear hug.

"I don't really have a choice. Plus, I think this might be a good thing. Get away from everyone here for a while."

"I felt his body shaking as I hugged him back. Was he laughing. ohmygosh.. HE'S CRYING!


"I'm sorry."

"Colten..." I said


"Turn around..."

He turned around and faced Mike and Vic. His jaw dropped and he started jumping up and down like a little kid on Christmas who just opened the best toy in the world.

"ohmygosh..." He whispered.

"Guys, cover your ears." I warned.

They both gave me weird looks and didn't listen. They both cringed when Colten started screaming like a little girl as he was jumping up and down.


"COLTEN! calm down!" I shouted at him. He automatically stopped jumping and screamingand said,

"SOrry. I got a bit carried away..."

"A bit?!" Vic, Mike and I all said at the same time.


"Alexandra? Have you finished packing yet?"

"Oh yeah, we have to be at the airport in an hour..." Vic said.

Suddenly I heard someone sob. Colten. He was crying. DAMMIT!

"Colt, stop! Don't cry. I swear to god, I will be back eventually. I will video chat you every chance I get. I PROMISE!"

"I have to go." He mumbled than walked out.


"Yes?" He saturning around.

"I love you and I will miss you so much."

"I love you too."

"Please just wait ten minutes for me to finish packing before you go...."

I planned on holding on to Colten for as long as I could. He was my best friend and I never wanted to lose him.

He nodded his head and stood there awkwardly.

I ran upstairs and into my room, grabbed my few things I owned, shoved them in my bag. I grabbed a suitcase and put all my clothes in it.

Wait?! earlier my mom said I wasn't moving in with them for 3 days?! WHAT THE HELL! well, maybe she ust wanted my stuff packed. and uhm SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!

I ran back down stairs and into the kitchen to find my mom was no longer there.

"WHERE'S MY MOTHER?!" I shouted at Vic and Mike.

"She went downstairs...." Vic said quietly.

I ran down stairs into the basement.

I stoppe in front of my mother.

"I thought you said I wasn't moving in withthem for 3 days?! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"

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