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Chapter title is from the song Stay Together For The Kids by Blink-182

Chapter 40 – If this is what he wants and it’s what she wants… 

“Mother’s day?” I said making sure that I heard him right.

“Yes.” Vic and Mike said at the same time as they let go of me.

“What about it?”

“We thought it would be a good time for you to meet our father.”

My eyes widened at what Vic had just said.

“Andy, hear us out,” Mike said, “He wants to meet you. So does Mama. Your father wants to meet you. It’s been 20 years since you were born. We think it’s about time.”

“He may be my father but he will never be my dad.” I said angrily

“We know that. He knows that. He just wants to meet you and see the daughter that he helped create. He may not have raised you but he is the man that conceived you.”

“Too far, Vic.” I said with a small smile

“Please don’t be angry at us but we already told them you would be with us.” Mike said

“You what?!” Vic and I said at the same time.

“We didn’t do anything! That was all you, Michael!” Vic said, shoving Mike lightly.

“Uh oh, bringing out the full first names.” I heard Jaime say as he came down the stairs dressed in black skinny jeans, his red vans and a black blazer overtop a white dress shirt with a red tie.

“Someone looks fancy.” I said

“Yeah. I’m taking Jessica out to a fancy restaurant. She doesn’t know yet though so shh!”

“Have fun.”

“I plan to! What’s with the full first names being said?”

“They’re arguing.”

“Oh. Okay, bye guys!” Jaime said running out of the house with his car keys in hand.

I went back to my conversation with the boys.

“When is this happening?” I asked

“Mother’s day?”

“When’s that?”

“Sunday.” They said at the same time.

They’d said as though I was crazy for not knowing.

“Don’t use that tone with me! I’m sorry that I haven’t been paying attention to a day that’s centered around one of the only people I ever loved who is now gone.”

“It’s alright. But you’ll do it?”

“I guess.” I said slightly annoyed.

What if I didn’t want to meet my father?


Sunday came sooner than I’d have liked and I had no idea what to wear when meeting ones father for the first time.

“Vic!” I called down the stairs

He came running to the bottom of the stairs from the kitchen


“I don’t know what to wear.”

“Jeans and a t-shirt. That’s what Mike and I are wearing.”

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