Chapter title is from the song It Ends Tonight by The All American Rejects. Song on the side is WATIC’s song, Attention and the picture is Jordan Eckes as Sam. Also… wattpad won’t let me change the cast soo…. Yeah. I can’t put down people as people and it’s bugging me sort of.

Chapter 25 – When Darkness turns to light

“IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT” There was a flash of light and Kale’s screaming form was gone and I was now awake, crying… But I wasn’t on the floor. And I wasn’t tangled in my sheets either.

What’s going on? I thought as I wiped my eyes in the little amount of space I had to move.

I noticed the scene in front of me… A male bare chest. My eyes widened and I apparently couldn’t recall the night before.  

My eyes trailed up the bare chest to the face of Trey. I sighed in relief as I was starting to panic.

“You’re okay. It was just a dream.” He said holding me closer to him.

Wow… all my past feelings for Trey seemed to come back to me in a huge ass wave.

I’d liked Trey for as long as I could remember. He was a year older than me, and he and Kellin had become friends when Trey’s younger brother had asked Kellin to join their band. Reload was then born. Trey and Kellin then became best friends and moved in together.

“I promise you’re okay.” He said

I buried my face in my chest as the tears continued to fall.

“I hate this.”

“You’re okay. You’re strong. You’ll overcome this I know you will.” He hugged me close to him and I couldn’t help the small smile that came to my lips whenever he spoke.

I’d really missed Trey.

Somehow, I managed to close my eyes and fall back asleep with no idea what time it was.


When I woke up again, I was alone.

I turned my head and looked at the clock on Kellin’s bedside table.

It was 1 in the afternoon.

“shit!” I yelled throwing the covers back.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my suitcase that had my stuff in it and lugged it into the bathroom.

I had to go to Taylors because he had something EXTREMELY important to tell me. I assumed it had something to do with the band.

I quickly dug through my stuff and found a black t-shirt that had my brother’s bands logo on the front. The sleeves were cut off as swell as the collar because it was way too big on me when he gave it to me.

I attempted to pull on a pair of black skinny jeans that had holes in the knees but because I was so rushed that alone ended up taking 10 minutes. I ran a brush through my hair quickly and then grabbed my Green Day hoodie. I slipped on my purple vans and ran down the stairs. I was extremely hungry so I went into the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal.

I texted Tay when I got into the kitchen and told him I’d be over soon.

“It lives!” I heard someone say.

I turned and saw Kellin standing behind me.

“Yeah. I’m just making yself something to eat and then I have to head out.”

“Tony left.”

“What?” I said in shock.


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