Alexandra's POV

"so you lied?" I said to my mother

"No. I just didn't tell you the truth." She retorted. I rolled my eyes 

"Oh yes, because that makes it all so much better!"

"I didn't say it does!"

"why'd you wait 18 years to tell me?!"

"I just didn't want to hurt you!"

"well you hurt me more by not telling me!"

"I'm sorry okay! I didn't even know how to tell you! I mean that's not really something you just say over Root beer and Burgers! 'Oh, hey you have brothers and your father's not father!' yes because that would work so well!"

"did I say I wanted you to tell me over root beer and burgers? NO! but maybe that would have been more subtle! isn't that what you were going for? I mean, the rest of my life must have been petty subtle, Huh? Does my biological father even know I exist?"

"I'm no sure. But your brothers do."

"how many brothers do I have?"

"2 that I know of... Victor and Mike."

"That sounds really made up mom! if the is some kind of sick joke, stop it!"

"This is not a joke! You know that band you like so much? Pierce The Veil?"

"wait wait wait! Victor... Mike... You said my last nae is Fuentes right?"


"Vic and Mike Fuentes are my brothers? MOOM?!"


"VIC AND MIKE FUENTES ARE MY BROTHERS! when do I get to meet them and wow that was a really bipolar moment there... oops sorry."

HI! my name is Alexandra FUENTES apparently.  thought it was Dayne. never mind that! I just turne 18 yesterday and my mother decided to drop the bomb on me that I have 2 brothers named Vic and Mike Fuentes.

"You're moving in with them in 3 days. you may want ot go pack..."

I sprinted up the staris and into my room.

"by the way their on their way right now!" my mom shouted from down the stairs.

I went to my closet and decided to change from my black dress pants and gross brown shirt from work. gross... that coffee shop has no color taste WHATSOEVER!

I looked through my closet and found a black Sleeping With Sirens t shirt and put it on with some white ripped skinny jeans. I looked in my mirror at myself.

My brown hair fell to my ass and was slightly wavy so I just pulled it up into a ponytail.

I slipped on my converse. Just as I finished tying the lace of my left shoe the doorbell rang

"This is it.." I said to myself

I heard my mom answer the door and then 2 manly voices.

I poked my head out of my bedroom door getting kind of shy.

"Alexandra, can you come down stairs please?" My moms voice sounded though the house.

I stepped out of my room and shut my door. I went down the stairs and looked a the door.

"Hi." I said quietly. Why am I being so shy? their my brothers for crying out loud!

"hi! I'm Vic! This is Mike!" Vic said.

"Heh. yeah I know..."

"you a fan?"


As if on cue my phone began ringing out my best friends ringtone. It was Colton... The ringtone was King For A Day by Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn.

I felt the heat rush to my face.

"you gonna answer that?" Mike asked.

I pulled out my phone and answered it.


"Hey babes! what's going on?"

"uhm.. i'm busy right now. I'll text you later..."I said then hung up before he could protest because I was feeling really awkward with Vic and Mike standing right in front of me.

I noticed that my mom was gone.

"where'd my mom go?"

"okay... so uh... do you guys want to play video games?"

"Yeah sure!"


I set up Blur nd we played for probably 3 hours before my mom interrupted.

"so, boys?"

"Yes Ma'am?"

"what made you decide that you wanted to meet her...?"

They knew?!

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