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Chapter 18 - You're Just A Bitch!

After last night's show I'd fallen asleep quite quickly and had apparently slept all the way to another city. I didn't even know where we were now.

I was half asleep listening to the sounds of sleeping with sirens.

So does that mean I was sleeping with sleeping with sirens? No? Okay...

I was suddenly pulled from my half asleep state when someone jumped on me and ripped out my headphones. I'd been sleeping in the very back seat of the van. I opened my eyes and tried to sit up but Taylor was comfortably sitting on me now holding my headphones.

"What. Are. You. Doing?" I said slowly and lethally calm.

"I'm on Instagram." He said turning his phone towards me. I turned my face away and put my hands over it.

"Nooooo!!!" I screamed making my voice crack

He laughed manically as he typed away. I knew he'd taken a picture because I'd heard his phone make the sound.

He started scrolling through his feed and fell on me laughing.

Oh god.

"Tay! Get off me!" He sat up and jumped onto the seat in front of mine.

He layed down then sat up and looked at me over the seat.

"Check your phone!" He whispered loudly

"No" I said rolling over and putting my face in the pillow

"No but really, it's 4 in the afternoon and my cousin called me earlier."


"He wants us to be at his bar in an hour. He asked us to do an acoustic show. Colter said he's down and I'm going to drive you guys. Kendra said she'd stay here with the boys. Be ready to leave ASAP."

I sat up reluctantly and got out of the van. I made my way to our trailer that held our luggage and the two guitars that Colten and I brought.

Taylor followed me over to the black trailer and I pulled off the hoodie I'd slept in.

"Tay, can you grab the guitars and unhook the trailer while I change and run a brush through my hair?"

He nodded his head and grabbed the guitars. Once he was gone I changed in the dark corner of the trailer. I now wore black skinny jeans a black tank top and my Green Day hoodie. I ran my fingers through my hair to untangle it a little bit.

I stepped out of the trailer after slipping on my new Vans and found Tay and Colten standing outside of the van.

"You good?" They said at the same time as I came over to them.

"Yep, Let's go." Tay and Colter were both wearing black jeans. Tay was wearing a plain grey t shirt and Colten was wearing a black pullover. They were both of course wearing their signature black Vans.

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