How do you guys feel about Trey? I feel like a lot of people wanted Alexandra and Tony to be together but uh... Yeah. I think she and Tony might just stay friends or I don’t actually know… MAYBE SHE’LL FIX THINGS WITH JAIME AND THEY’LL GET BACK TOGETHER BUT I DOUBT IT BECAUSE FEELINGS!!!

Anyways… Chapter title is from Stay by Mayday Parade

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Chapter 27 – Can you tell I haven’t slept very well?  

When I woke up a few hours later, I was once again crying but I wasn’t alone on the couch anymore. Trey was awake and he had his arms wrapped around me.

“You’re crazy, you know?” I whispered as I wiped my tears.

I moved Trey’s arms and sat up quickly and he did the same. I leaned back against him and he wrapped his arms around me again.

“I’ve known that for years.”

I laughed quietly and looked at my 5 friends who were all sound asleep on the living room floor.

“Such characters.” I said.

Mike was lying on his stomach with his glasses on top of his head and his arms by his side. Cameron and Rob were curled up together and I couldn’t help but laugh slightly. Jordan was closest to the couch and he was sprawled out with one hand on over his eyes and the other stretched out to the side. Tay was beside him and she was curled against his side.

“They’d be cute together.” Trey said quietly, resting his head on my shoulder.

I leaned my head back and laughed a little.

“I know. They don’t believe me. But it’s like us. It would probably jeopardize everything they already have.”

“So you’re saying you wouldn’t date me?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’re probably right.”

“It has nothing to do with your face, don’t worry.” I said leaning my head back against his chest and looking up at him.

He laughed and said,

“Obviously! I mean, let’s face it… I’m hot!”

I laughed and closed my eyes.

“I hate everything” I mumbled wiping my eyes again.

“Even me?” Trey whispered.

“Especially you.”

“ouch. That hurts, sweetheart.”

“Oh good. I haven’t even been up for 10 minutes and I’ve already done something productive. Beauty.”

“I hate you.” He said laughing

“You love me.”

He didn’t say anything after that which was weird. Normally he’d say something like, “Keep dreaming” or, “You wish” but instead he didn’t say anything.

After a few minutes of silence and me pondering his odd behaviour, I looked up at him and he was staring ahead of us, deep in thought.

“Trey, you okay?”

He snapped his head down to look at me.

“I’m fine, why?”

“You look lost…”

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