well hello there! if you read that then you're a fan of PTV. good. this is good. okay, so I got this idea from a dream I had except it wasn't Vic and mike who were the brothers it was just some random kid named Eric... ANYWAY!!! so uuh yeah. The title is a quote from the story i'm not sure where i'm going to say that but uh yeah.

Dear Reader,

The following events are not based on a ture story as they are pure fiction. As a writer I got this idea from dream and I decided it was a really weird yet cool dream so I decided to write about it. Yes I did just go all Stephan King on you! anyways, My name is Brianne-Alexandra (main character) And this description of The main character is absolutely 100% correct. All characters are based upon real people such as, Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Tony Perry, and Jaime Preciado. I really do hope you enjoy this.




my laptop will not let me change the cast and i do not like having HaiLedaBear as Alexandra... to me she just doe not fit what i had in mind so uuhh... yeah. Uhm... I am not sure who i am going to have as her but anywhore... here is a current character cast.

Pictures of Leda will be or have been removed. Please ignore the cast on the side as i will hopefully be redoing that soon if my laptop lets me or i might have to use my desktop with is a piece of crap.

Tyler Carter as Kellin Stevens

Michael Bohn as Trey

Pierce The Veil as Themselves

All Time Low as Themselves

Adam Elmakias as himself

Jordan Eckes as Sam

Drew Cotrell as Taylor

Alex Evans as Colten (2013 Alex Evans)

Maddie Carina as Kendra

We Are The In Crowd as Themselves

Tay Jardine (with really long hair and blue eyes) as Alexandra 

Everyone Else as Themselves


and because he is a freaking hottie!

Matt Best (from Tonight Alive) as Josh

I do believe that is it.

If there are any band members that are being cast as a character that is not themself an they later appear as themself they are still that other person as well. THis is not a movei so it works. they will probably say somewhere in it that they look alot like the band member.

thank you once again, 


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