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Hey guys! 2 chapters in one day last upload? OHMYGOD!!! It's a miracle. Okay, I'm so sorry about last chapter but this one isn't as sad. gif on the side is Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low song is Love Like War by All Time Low feat. Vic Fuentes. hope ya'll like this please don't shoot me. also, i'm not sure how good this is going to be and it's probably going to be short. It's probably going to suck because i have a huge headache but lie a i said my update days are supposed to be sundays and it's monday... ooops. ALSO I'M LISTENING TO CATCHING YOUR CLOUDS! UGH! DRKE CHRISTOPHER!!

Chapter 17 - Your mouth should be quiet because it never tells the truth

How could he string me along like this? He promised he wouldn't hurt me...

He came out of the bathroom and as he was about to sit down on my lap I pushed him away from me and stood up.



"What? Andy, what's wrong?"

I showed him his phone and said,

"Really?! Explain this! Right now, or I'm leaving."

"Okay. She's my Ex. Those are old messages."

"Bullshit. It says the last one from you was sent 10 minutes ago. Now tell me the truth or I break your phone."

"I can't." He said looking away.

"Tell me!"

"We'd had a fling a while ago, and we hung out last night. We went swimming. She's ripped, The text that says 'you were great' I was talking about her swimming skills. Andy, I promise you I'm telling you the truth."

"Give me your wrist"

I could always tell when people were lying but he wasn't showing it in his eyes. They were pleading and the only emotion was pain. I told him to give me his wrist to see if his pulse had picked up from lying.

He laid his wrist in my outstretched hand and I felt for his pulse.

Steady as ever.

"I'm still breaking your phone" I said as I held it above the ground ready to drop it.

"No!" He grabbed it from my grip and started typing.

"what are you doing?" Alex asked crossing his arms and standing behind Jaime.

He looked over his shoulder and read what Jaime was typing.

Before Jaime sent he message he showed it to me and I smiled like an idiot.

My girlfriend read these messages. Don't talk about our past. It's the past for a reason. I have a girlfriend now. Stop flirting with me. I should've said that earlier but I'm stupid. Don't drag her into this either. I may or may not love this girl and I'd cry if I ever hurt her. Leave her alone and leave our past in the past.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck after he sent it. 

"Thank you." I mumbled

He rubbed my back and said,

"I don't want to lose you, Alexandra. Not because of someone like her. She was a slut anyways, There's a reason why we broke up. I've been hurt too many times by cheaters. I wouldn't do that to you. I promise."

"AWWWWEEE!" Rian, Zack, Jack and Alex all yelled at the same time. Jaime and I laughed and held each other for a while.


The Unknown, Pierce The Veil and All Time Low were all hanging out. And then You me AT Six decided to crash our little party.

Josh ran onto the bus screaming about How awesome it is that there's girls on the tour now.

"Josh, Shut up! you have no chance with any of them! All 3 of them have boyfriends!" Max shouted smacking Josh in the back of the head.

I was sitting on Jaime, Kendra was cuddled up to Mike and Cassadee and Rian were cuddling and being all cute.

Kellin and Vic were expressing their bromance and they were on the floor. Vic had his legs crossed and Kellin was sitting on him. I took a picture of them at one point when Kellin looked up at Vic as he spoke.

We were in the back lounge. Rian and Cassadee were across from Jaime and I, Mike and Kendra beside them. Vic and Kellin were on the ground in front of Jaime and I and Jack and Alex were beside Me on my right side. Zack was on the other side of Jack and Alex and Tony was on the floor in front of Rian and Cassadee. Max and Josh from YMAS were standing in the doorway pushing each other back and forth.

"Are you 2 done being childish yet?" I said to Josh and Max.

"never!" Max yelled.

I rolled my eyes and everyone laughed. We'd all just been hanging out and having a good time.

"we play a how tomorrow!! Who's stoked?!" Josh said loudly.

I laughed and everyone agreed on being stoked about the show tomorrow night.

"Haven't played here in a while." Max said


The next morning I woke up with a cramp in my neck from sleeping in the van.

I grabbed my phone from the floor and groaned. headache. Crap. I checked the time and saw it was 10:30am. I put in headphones and played Sleeping With Sirens Let's Cheers To This album. I feel asleep to the beats of the durms and the voice of Kellin Quinn.


When I woke up again, someone was saying my name. 


I ripped out my headphones and sat up.


"It's almost time for our sound check." Jaime sais resting his hand on my shoulder.

"Did I really sleep all day?"

"Yeah. No one could wake you up so we all just let you sleep."

I sat up and fixed my hair and quickly made myself seem a bit human.

"Lets go" I said climbing out of the back of the 16 passenger van.

We walked up to the venu hand in hand and soon enough it was Pierce The Veil's set.

I stood back stage with my 3 best friends and watched my brothers and my boyfriend and other best friend play their hearts out.

They all came alive on stage. They were so energetic, especially Jaime. It was crazy to think that a month ago i had no idea about my brothers.

I'm glad they decided to find me and drag me to live with them. I don't think I'd ever been happier than i was n that moment of realization.


AN: oh kay. That sucked. I have a horrible headache but i'm going to start chater 18 right away and possibly have that posted befoe midnight tonight. Go check ut Catching Your Clouds on Youtube. I looooove Drake, he's sees like suc a down to earth dude and he's quite inpiring. soo.. PIECESKIES! please don't murder me. Next chapter things ar happening. Big things... Maybe.


ye ya'll! thaks so much for reading an bitching at me to upoad! I almost forgot!

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